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"Detective Conan", Ashwinka Ai had ever had an extraordinary emotional dispute with Gin?

Anime 2018-02-12 10:56:20 50

Emotional entanglements between Kagehara and Ginji are mainly from the point of Gin. Honestly, Gingera, which faces Gotohara, gives me a strong sense of control over the craze. All along, the gin to everyone's impression is very cold. He is clever and meticulous enough to be ruthless when necessary. In the black people dark organization is a typical villain representatives. Such a role, you really hard to believe who he will hold in addition to the emotional purpose of the task who cares. But why is such a gin, the attitude shown by the ash is very unusual.

The beginning of the scandal, it comes from the gin wine memories. As the story progressed to the episode where Conan and the Darks would meet again, Gin found clues to Shirley, too. His rare smile of excitement and foolish charm lies at the very moment when Shirley's figure flashed in his mind, not when he was reminded of the white coat he was wearing during the organizational period. But will give rise to misunderstandings and even nonsense naked back picture, which is also a lot of fans in the eyes of gray ash and wine special relationship between the important real hammer. Although this explanation may be a bit far-fetched. However, in the animation and comics, the naked picture is not necessarily in the corpse of the physical relationship. To show someone pure and pure when the time will also use such a picture. In the case of Shirley's memories of Shirley, I think she is more pure and feeble in her mind. Of course, to add a little more, perhaps because of Shirley's fragility in the mind of Gin, she wanted to spoil her more. Although this psychology is perverted, it is not impossible.

You might say that even being so interpretant does not mean that there is nothing between two people. Perhaps it is, in addition to naked back scenes, the wine also showed a lot of gray on the very special place. Still a chapter in darkness with the dark organization, Ashwyn hid in the chimney to avoid confrontation with the Dark Organization. Seemingly well-preserved ash original, or was designed by the gin. This really can not say that the original gray a hundred sparse, only a hair Qin wine will be able to know that Gray on the scene. This really has exceeded the delicate mind, and I'm not even sure Conan can only distinguish with a hair Xiaolan is not been to somewhere. There Ashland favorite roses, piano wine is crystal clear. The relationship between the two is exactly what I do not want to just speculate to guess. However, the story has occurred from the point of view, gin wine on the gray of the feeling is certainly very special.

In addition to Ginji's own performance, there are some clues can be seen from the same as the members of the Black Men's body. There is also a lot of ambiguous hints in the relationship between the composition of Bellmore and Gin. It can be seen, Belmore used to like gin. So, after Gin and Hoki reunited, Belmoe even somberly understood Gin and even asked him about Conan, who did not mind being with Ash. Among the problems in this remark, it really hides as a woman's antagonistic ingredient. However, Aoyama teacher also made it clear that Ginji will not like anybody, Bell's feelings are unilateral. Well, that is to say, Gintama is not like Ashkenazi's feelings.

As a former member of the Black Organization, Ginji certainly cares about Ashwagandan. What is the origin of this feeling? It is not yet clear. And Gin, as the most loyal member of the organization at present, is not the story development needs, I really want to give him the opportunity to Kashihara, he is not too soft. As for why he had shot gray ash and guns and gunshots, I just wanted to say that when the cat catches the mouse, it behaves in the same way. Not so much that it is because two people have emotional entanglement, it is better to say that Gin is to enjoy the feeling of tormenting the gray plague slowly.

As a Ko do party, I actually do not care about what kind of feelings Gin is on the Ashhara. However, from the point of view of the work, the talented mother of the Great White God has enhanced the greyhound's sensitivity to Xiaolan. I do not do not know how strong Aoyama childhood childhood settings, struggling at the same time, I hope the last little sad to have a happy ending.

Text: Cream days @ AIO animation