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Luoyang's first 4D glass flyover, officially put into use, cost 12 million, tourists have something to say

Design 2018-02-11 17:01:10 15

Do you know what is more horrible than the glass bridge?

The glass bridge that will burst. </ strong>

On February 10, 2018, the first 4D glass flyover in Luoyang City officially unveiled in the inverted light folk village of Yi Bin, Luoyang City, Henan Province. The trial operation opened up a lot of tourists.

The reason why it will be called the 4D glass flyover, because the flyover and Henan other glass path, glass flyover difference is that the construction team used the bridge on the new technology, tourists walking on the glass bridge, there will be glass Broken scenes and sounds, daring, scared directly, okay?

At the same time, contrary to the burst effect, blooming peony flowers also appear. The design is very fresh and the design is simple and beautiful. This fusion of the ancient city culture and the design of modern technology will certainly give tourists a different new experience.

It is understood that this long 138 meters glass flyover, using more than 30 super-clear imported three-tier sightseeing glass refining, bridge installation of glass, a piece of the cost of 20,000 yuan or more. Together with other materials, the total cost reached 12 million.

Of course, the most concern for the safety of tourists, but also can be assured. The flyover is special materials are used on one hand and easily load 2,000 kg per square meter. </ Strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> </ strong> Zhangjiajie glass plank and glass suspension bridge, put into use a few years time, there are still many of my friends personally felt.

So you want to pursue exciting friends, no longer have to go to Zhangjiajie hell and high water, and now these thrills and screaming, at your doorstep will be able to experience.

As for this flyover, the majority of tourists and friends have something to say:

"It is looking forward to, Luoyang finally so exciting glass bridge, the Chinese New Year this year, we must go to feel." </ strong> </ p>

"If one day, the glass really cracked, tourists will continue to feel this is the so-called 4D effects, anyway, I'm afraid to go." </ strong> </ p>

"Now the glass plank across the country, glass bridge blossom, are to be charged separately, if free, it is worth a visit." </ strong> </ p>

Do you not expect such a flyover? </ strong>

About inverted folk culture village

Located in the east of Zhuge Town in Yi Bin District, Luoyang City, Inverte Village is a newly developed folk culture tourism attraction on the site. The antique buildings in the scenic area are not historical sites but mostly new ones, but the ancient villages of such size can be built , Is still worth praising. </ strong>

Moreover, because the place is far from urban areas, the environment, the air is very good, traffic is also very convenient, the most important is no! Close! door! ticket! </ strong> Therefore, since the opening of this year's National Day, has been widely praised by tourists. Of course, if you want to experience the glass bridge, you need to pay a separate charge of 40 yuan / person. </ strong>
</ strong>