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Xiao Ping Jing and Lin Xi's love and plum Chang Su and Phoenix compared Lord, which one is more happy? !

Entertainment 2018-02-11 13:23:32 68

After reading the "Langya list of the wind from the Changlin," the final outcome finally let me have been worried about the play put down, saw the final Liu Hao Ran Xiao Ping Jing played with Zhang Huimin Lin Xi finally together, he Give up the supreme glory and power, do not love country beauty, so the outcome is simply too happy, from hand in hand, it is so romantic!

The two of them can come today, and indeed not easy, Xiao Ping Jing, he was naturally happy, but helpless brother Xiao Pingzhang to save him and finally know the truth of his heart full of guilt, and for goodwill cheated him Lin Xi There are also barriers, his father is old, can no longer on the battlefield, and he only for his father to guard the northbound, completed the unfinished business brother!

And this time, Lin Xi in order to benefit the world all people, hard to save the common people, intends to taste all over the grass, the book said, so she went to many places in the northern border of a mountain herbs also encountered to explore the topography of Xiao Ping Jing, when she knew he was going alone to the military camp in Chongqing to spy on military intelligence and determination and the battle of the military, they both agreed after the war will be reunited!

Although Xiao Ping Jing beheaded two hundred thousand large army, can protect the beam northbound ten years of peace, but because it is anti-purpose act, so Xun Shuxu's persecution, was removed by the little emperors Chang Linjun banner, long Lin was also dissolved, and even more sad is that the old prince Lin Changling also angry old disease relapse, the soul go Mei Ling, since Xiao Ping Jing no longer have obsession, he also frustrated the court , Then retired with Lin Xi Langyange Court!

Here, they spent two years together happy time, and Lin Xi's Herbs Collection should also be written, when they came to the mountains to explore the actual situation, they also announced to be married, which dream, toward the storm Resurgence, the East China Sea battle strange, Xun Shou Fu was killed when the street was assassinated, Xiao Yuan Kai forced the palace revolt, Xuming Queen Mother was forced to commit suicide, the little emperors were imprisoned as a child of Changlin, he had to go out to Qin Wang!

They both had to be married, and then had to say goodbye, he can go to Qin Wang, but Lin Xi said he could not stop their own pace, but her heart is always waiting for Xiao Ping Jing, this one do not, life and death is uncertain , This one may be farewell, but no way, he is the son of Changlin, this is his responsibility, he must go to complete!

Of course, he won the final, Xiao Yuanqi was stabbed into a hornet's nest, Xun Da command did not sacrifice, the little emperors or regain the throne, and Xiao Ping Jing completed his mission, he knew he had to leave, Lin Xi is still waiting for him, he was out of town, Yue Yinchuan and Xun Fei light farewell, Lin Xi is not far waiting for him, this is the heart of it!

Their love, how happy and how enviable it seems to be much happier than the first love of Mei Chang Su and Ni Feng, though Mei Changsuo once said to Neptune, Afterlife, we were born in ordinary people, must meet! At this point, I remembered the phrase lyrics: as long as you fare better than me, I know everything!

Watching the two with the cross-horse, but one north, one south, since then I do not know when to meet again, kind of sad, who is poor? Lin Shu and neon, childhood childhood, a total of difficulties, though not together, but all read each other, this feeling, a little sigh, people lamented!

This life a promise, afterlife must practice! We remember, your two pairs of love, are happy, two love, nor necessarily have to be together, across the sky thoughts, and sometimes a kind of beauty!