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Gangster hostage-taking incident was shot dead shot? Video wear help

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Recently, online circulations "Xi'an North Station hostage hijacking incident, criminals shot by a special police shot" post. The video relayed together with the text shows that a hostage was hijacked at the station square and stood against the wall with the police. At this time, a special police quietly descended from the height of the building with the words "North Station" and knocked down criminals in one shot to rescue the hostages.

Net posts screenshots

Is it really a gangster hostage-taking incident?

Reporter found through the Internet search, on the "Xi'an North Station hostage-taking incident," a total of two circulated online video. The location of the two videos are the same, the content is the same, but the weather in the two videos is totally different. One is the rainy and the snowy weather and the other is sunny. The same place, at different times, the same hostage-taking took place? The police rescue hostage is exactly the same way? This can not help but make people doubt: This is a movie, or in the exercise it?

Compare the two videos and find that rumor has helped ~ </ strong>

After further verification, the reporter confirmed that the video shooting was actually an anti-terrorist and passenger evacuation comprehensive emergency drill carried out by Xi'an Weiyang Police on the HSR station.

According to "@ Ministry of Public Security to fight the four blacks and four pests," the official microblogging release of information, January 31, Xi'an Weiyang police in Xi'an High Speed ​​Rail Station to carry out anti-terrorism and passenger evacuation comprehensive emergency drills, on-site special police exercise to rescue the hostages. The video released with the text is a sunny passage in the two videos. It is understood that the scene of the emergency response integrated simulation evacuation process violent attacks, violence and other emergencies.

As for why there is a section of "plot" the same snow and rain rescue hostages video, the reporter speculated that exercise is a pre-exercise. Internet transmission of the so-called "Xi'an North Station hostage-taking incident, criminals shot by a special police shot" purely irresponsible "pictorial."