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3 minutes teach you to use PPT to make 2.5D effect! Novice must see!

Design 2018-02-11 11:02:48 10

2.5D visual representation of these two years suddenly stand out in many visual effects, today's sharp sharp to say that some 2.5D style shortcut.

This tutorial is mainly based on Rectangle and Irregular Graphics </ strong>, and even if you are white, you can get started in less than 5 minutes, without the need to have a theory of perspective, nor do you need to play with C4D, pure White tutorial!

The design inspiration comes from the station cool designers rwds works.

Rectangle in this tutorial the use of ultra-high!

The source file contains 2.5D guides that make it easy to draw irregular shapes.

Floor base: first draw three graphics, a base after the split is completed.

Housing body: draw three rectangles to set the 3D rotation, easy to get!

Roof: two different size rectangles, draw four sides

Billboard: Get the source file at the end of the text can change the slogan Oh

Window & glass door

Dangdang! You're done!

Private reply " 2.5D </ strong>"

You can get a small house source files Oh!