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Female college student readme: How do I get HIV step by step?

Emotional 2018-02-10 21:25:23 26

I believe many people now will discuss a problem, and now the female college students "do not clean" issue. Xiaobian talk to you today, a female college student's self-report: How do I get HIV

A pseudonym for Mary!

Mary was originally a small town girl, very lovable, but also a love of his boyfriend. But after going to college, she felt God is unfair to her, comparisons between students, friends, incitement. So that he abandoned the original boyfriend, re-climbed a rich second generation. Everyone wants to have a good life, but the rich second generation of feelings we all know how else, after the separation, Mary can not stand the temptation of no money, began a variety of student loans, student loans no better than boyfriend money He is going to pay off

In this way, Mary introduced by a friend, began night clubs to accompany life, income is not too thin, we all know life, wei few people can withstand loneliness, he began to take a variety of car shuttle In the so-called high society, private life is very chaotic, so good, but gradually began to dissatisfaction, why the body and beauty are not as good as my little beauty can have godfather, but I did not?

He started a new plan, was godfather maintenance, godfather to her well, brand-name bags, cosmetics, life continues. But what you can not get is always the best. When she woke up, she was surrounded by a stranger, and there were many more. She realized that what she called the godfather had left her. He started life again. This time, she picks up the lives of various cities. There are traveling to accompany play, the feast peripheral women, when she went to the field to accompany people to play after the man left when she left 20,000 yuan in cash, with a letter, the letter is only a few words, but sufficient Ruined her life and future life

: Welcome to AIDS family:

A few words, let her cry loudly

This is a real story told me by a friend, Maryland did not graduate to return to the original county boyfriend abandoned her heartless or irresponsible care of her life

I did not ask men how to think, just ask Mary's idea

She said: No matter how complex the society is, I became a chickens cast aside by all, but I still wanted to wear a white dress in front of him, thinking of her boyfriend

Many people ask me the last case of Mary

I can only say: death is a door, is not the end of death, but beyond, to the next process

So here to remind the current female college students, no matter what kind of work you do, we must protect their own health, no matter what! ! ! !

This fucking world