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Zhang Ziyi birthday party, netizens Zhang Yingxing Zhang Xue Ying pull CP! Tea sister strength to steal the spotlight

Entertainment 2018-02-10 17:49:12 17

Gossip, do not reprint without permission!

Yesterday was Zhang Ziyi's 39th birthday. At half past ten in the morning, Wang Feng took the lead in advertising on microblogging and extended his gratitude to Zhang Ziyi. And then Zhang Ziyi intimate interaction husband, and responded to the sentence back: the ideal of life is to live an ideal life! Well, the couple took a good show and loved a lot ~

International Goddess of the child's birthday, how can a banquet circle less than a circle of friends? However, Zhang Ziyi relatively low profile, however, surrounded by a good burst of some of the scenes and moments of the birthday party, such as today at noon Yundi Li Yundi Zhang microblogging to share some photos of birthday party to Zhang Ziyi, so that users feast for the eyes.

First of all, I saw this set of birthday party Zhang Ziyi, seven layers of the cake is more than one meter, the overall blue with yellow flowers are very beautiful, and the cake is written without asking the West, Should be the movie "No Questions West" view. I saw Zhang Ziyi stood next to the cake, his face a happy face smile wish, candlelight under the Zhang Ziyi beautiful and atmospheric.

Look behind the photo is also a bright spot, this is Zhang Ziyi holding her daughter woke up for a magazine shot of the interior blockbuster. This group photo shoot very bright and warm motherhood, it seems Zhang Ziyi is very fond of, so used as a birthday theme background map. Can see her daughter's position in the heart of Zhang Ziyi, definitely spoiled mom.

And as the owner of the sun Yundi, nature and inevitably a group photo, but this picture excessive dermabrasion. . . .

Li Yundi drying out another group of photos is shocking! The original birthday Zhang Ziyi invited so many friends, of which the most eye-catching is of course the business community, literary and art circles of many big brothers, of which the director Feng Xiaogang stood C, and Liu Qiang East and milk tea sister and show love, dog Food is really a dull look! Cao Guowei very low key ah, Yu Dong is also standing in the back row. In front of the director Lu Chuan and the big sister of fashion big Sumang. Closely next to Zhang Ziyi is the ping pong champion Liu Guoliang! Ah, big guys gathered celebrities sprayers ~

Look down the two photos, tea sister is really the most steal the mirror! Why, because of her two photos, all wearing the same broad-brimmed red bean hat ~ very lady wind also successfully entrenched photo range, people look for the first time in her body. The first one and her husband Liu Qiang East steal the spotlight one hundred percent, the next one next to Zhang Ziyi look sweet smile is steal the spot one hundred percent!

For two consecutive photos were all tea sister took away most of the eyes, the sister can learn how to take a photo of tea sister Tips, on how to highlight their own photo in a public mess ~ However, the first aside is not able to grab Mirror skills, the teacher still have a question, a photo of a hat to be alright? Especially when we do not wear it.

In fact, not only the Master, other users also noticed that the tea sister to steal the mirror hat, 23333

In addition there are more eye-catching photos of Zhang Yixing and Zhang Xue Ying two small flowers after 90 small fresh meat, small sheep Zhang Yi Xing that night wearing a very simple, white shirt green shirt. And Zhang Xue Ying is also very cute, dark princess collar sweater tender and quiet.

The youngest single aristocrats not only eye-catching, but also triggered the users gossip heart! Many netizens said that Zhang Yi Xing and Zhang Xue Ying, will not? ? ? The fans are categorically said, no! Ha ha ha ha ha

There are fans angrily: Do not blind to Zhang Yixing pull CP! However, there are fans add to their own drama, I hope God not to welcome the god of snow ~ ~ ~

A photo only, but Zhang Yixing and Zhang Xueying is far away from home, is unlikely to have any gossip ~ ~ fans Anla!