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2018 PyeongChang Winter Olympics Alibaba show a "cloud Olympics" charm

Technology 2018-02-10 16:21:19 33

At the PyeongChang Winter Olympics in South Korea in 2018, which opened last night, artificial intelligence played an important role. Not only did the service robot act as a guide at the venue, the torch relay was also delivered at the opening ceremony, and the unprecedented number of UAVs made a cool light show. As a top partner of the Olympic Games, Alibaba, through a science and technology museum built in the Olympic Village in Pyeongchang Olympic Winter Games, shows the charm of the future "cloud Olympics."

February 10, the second day of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, Alibaba Science Museum officially opened. At the opening ceremony, Jack Ma, chairman of Alibaba's board of directors, and Bach, chairman of the International Olympic Committee, both attended the meeting. In addition, Mayor Pyeongchang and Yao Ming also joined the ceremony. Bach, Ma made a speech at the scene.

In his speech, Ma Yun mentioned the concept of "digitizing the Olympics." On the one hand, the previous Olympic games were all "one-off." The concerns of venues, events and sports fans ended with the end of the Olympics and were not achieved On the other hand, there is not much communication between the host cities and the next host city, and the experience can not be reused. However, "Olympics on the Clouds" can be copied to save more costs.

PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games Alibaba Science and Technology Museum, it focuses on the future of the "cloud Olympics" charm - including the use of the city brain to improve the efficiency of Olympic cities, cloud computing support ticketing, IT systems; based on face recognition technology and E-commerce solutions for big data and the distribution of Olympic video content. As the technical solutions of the Olympic Games must be determined 2-4 years in advance, the PyeongChang Winter Olympics only uses some cloud computing technologies. At present, the products in the exhibition hall are likely to be used in Tokyo and Beijing Olympic Winter Games in the future.

The first thing you see when you enter the pavilion is the Face Recognition System used in Olympic venues </ strong>.

In the Olympic Games, the user's face is the stadium pass, brush face registration will save a series of ticket, issuing documents and other tedious process. Registration will be kept for 24 hours, 24 hours after the system will take the initiative to remove.

Through the analysis of user data, in the future before you have the will to participate in the Olympic Games, there are mobile App can help you plan the itinerary, recommend the wine trip and competitions, to the Olympic Games city, will recommend a reasonable traffic travel, living services and Athlete information.

In the concept of science and technology Olympics, the most important part is the cloud Olympics. Alibaba Cloud will provide the foundation for the Olympic Games cloud services, including IT systems, life service systems, digital multimedia systems and security systems and so on.

Alibaba Cloud ET Olympic Brain </ strong> will provide command and dispatch services such as global awareness and decision support, and eliminate potential safety hazards through biometrics, stadium crowd portrait, crowd flow analysis and prediction functions to avoid the occurrence of serious traumatic events, The sources of the data are the cameras and traffic information provided by the International Olympic Committee and host city BOCOG.

In addition, Alibaba Cloud ET Olympic Brain will also utilize "strong> Video Identification </ strong>, Internet of Things </ strong> to serve athletes, such as improving training efficiency and establishing electronic health records.

Line virtual fitting experience

Based on Alibaba ET Olympic brain, Ali's e-commerce services and media services will also be innovative. On the e-commerce side, Ali's plan is to use off-line technology devices such as virtual fitting </ strong> to sell Olympic franchise merchandise in conjunction with e-commerce platforms like Lynx. Field experience point of view, through the face recognition system can automatically authenticate the user's identity. According to the user preferences for different sports, recommended personalized Olympic licensed products. In the process of virtual fitting, but also can adjust the body, hair and so on.

Alibaba's cooperation with the Olympics also includes the operation of the Olympic Channel, the upgrade of the digital channel based on Aliyun, the young generation to get individualized tournament recommendations when viewing the Olympic Games, the recommendation of favorite athletes, the audience as a "fan" and the "athlete "Become IP, build emotional connections on both sides, and introduce technologies such as VR / AR </ strong> to create immersive, interactive experiences. Ali said the big entertainment will mainly undertake this part of the work.

In addition, in the future, the Alibaba ET Olympic brain uses multi-modal analysis of video through artificial intelligence algorithms, outputs video multi-dimensional tags, and generates content commentary using technologies such as NLP </ strong>, making reports easier and more efficient.

The infrastructure of the Olympic Games in Yunnan is based on the brain of Alisun City ET. Earlier, Alisun ET city brain in Hangzhou, China has been more successful practice, intelligent control of traffic lights by means of artificial intelligence, in the main city of Hangzhou, part of the regional traffic speed increased by 15%. At the Davos Forum in January 2017, Alibaba reached an agreement with the International Olympic Committee - Ali will join the Olympic Global Partnership during the three Olympic cycles of up to 12 years (before 2028) The OlympicPartner ("TOP") sponsorship program, becoming an official partner for "Cloud Services" and "eCommerce Platform Services," and a founding partner for Olympic Channel. </ p>