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Fox Push 5 version of the ultra-30 models

Sports 2018-02-10 14:32:21 8

"19 points, this is the gap between the enemies of life so far the most disparity, your five-time Real Madrid cliff break this season, won the fifth Golden Globe C Lo seems to have been in the race with Messi early Defeated; another dream break Melbourne Park, Nadal lead the case of injury, the 30th into the Grand Slam finals Federer did not have their own life in this Australian Open and other enemies in the English Premier League, Professor Wenger There is also an enemy of life, not Ferguson, not Mourinho, whose name is zipper. "

Not only in sport, but also in our automobile world, there are many such tit-for-tat contests. Some of them are even relatively century-old. However, apart from their relative competition, they often have a combination of tripartite confrontation, Ferrari and Porsche in the luxury brand BBA, and then to the Chinese market a section of a compact car story, you come to me. But in the global arena, if you do not want to take two to compare, perhaps the confrontation between golf and Fox is an epic. (Lower right with map for the sedan version of the test car)

Although the Focus Focus Ford Focus is only 20 years old and still far away from the golf that was born in the 1970s, it has become the only player in the industry that has the same performance and price / performance ratio A-class hatchback with full competition with golf carts. Volkswagen had previously announced the 2019 will usher in the eighth generation of golf, but this time Ford's Fox has also started the road test of the fourth-generation models, this overall competition in all aspects of the game is clearly a diametrically opposed situation.

According to Ford's official news, the new generation of Fox will again lead the public release time, which will be officially launched this spring, and from time to time it is likely to start in March this year, the Geneva International Auto Show. Replacement of the new car will start from the size of the wheelbase 50mm lengthening, to know the cash Fox has reached the standard wheelbase 2648mm standard compact car standard, 50mm extension means that it has almost entered the medium-sized car (2698mm) market, after all, now 2.7m domestic models such as free light have entered the medium-sized, so a comparison, golf 8 growth will still be a short cut.

In addition, Fox has always been in contrast to the shape of the golf has advantages, more inclined A-pillar and more sexy Bottom make it a choice for many young consumers, if the post-production Golf 8 is not Will replace the "Arteon" five-bar grille like the media's hypothetical figure, and the first-generation Focus Fox may not give consumers the chance to continue playing golf.

At the same time, this new car apparently also under the foot in the details of the kung fu, the new headlamps polygonal although not as expected as flat and radical, with horizontal L-shaped layout of LED daytime running through the Central District, near and far light Again in the form of four sets of regular particles layout, both sides lit up like having eight lights, after such a cavity can be better than Volvo's Thor Hammer poor performance, full recognition, shape full marks, full lighting effect What else is picky?

It is reported that the new Fox will be produced on the Ford C platform, after we introduced the new Lincoln MKC and Ford Maverick are derived from this platform, the new platform will Focus have about 50kg weight loss, but the power is expected to be Equipped with 1.0T three-cylinder / 1.5T four-cylinder / 2.0T four-cylinder and RS 2.3T engine, the transmission will be the first to introduce 9AT, as to whether the maximum power will be re-optimized tuning is still unknown. However, different from the public for the Golf 8 equipped with light hybrid power, but this time to build pure electric electric cannon, including power, the launch of the standard hatchback, sedan, cross-border version and travel version will be introduced More than 30 models of specific models.