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13,200 dishes share a small year Wuhan hundred pace banquet feast boil

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People's Network, Wuhan, February 10 (Wang Guoji) February 9, Wuhan City, Hubei Province Baibuting community eighteenth "into a new era, building a Chinese dream," Wanjia feast boil, community residents from the end of Created 13,200 dishes, more than 40,000 families gathered together to eat reunion dinner, the Cultural Year, with the culture of 19 major propaganda spirits, a total of 5 years of new changes in life.

In this year's Wanjia Banquet, the community residents closely compiled reports on the "Golden Sentence" of the 19 major congress and produced many creative dishes full of creativity. A Taoist style dish was passed on from generation to generation, giving the socialist core values Take root in the community. Baibuting community also carry out a variety of customs activities, so that residents feel the charm of traditional Chinese culture.

Fu Wanfeng, a retired Party member volunteer, took part in the Wanjia Feast for the first time this year. He carved a red boat with pumpkins and a yellow colored pepper carved into a party emblem. The cucumber carved out small blossoms as decorations to make the dishes. Red boat spirit will never fade. "As a veteran party member with a 43-year-old party, 'Red Ship Spirit' has always been my belief, inspiring me to constantly innovate and be bold in the face of difficulties," said Fu Wanfeng.

It is understood that Baibu ten thousand banquet also ad hoc four generations of fellow descendants, international friends and other 15 table feast, inviting community representatives of civilized families, the elderly, ethnic minorities, foreign friends and other feast, celebrate the reunion, spend a total of Happy Chinese Year.