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Zhang Jike King Sweet announced romance, ex-girlfriend Liu Shiwen led the championship, fans were crazy after the match

Entertainment 2018-02-10 11:40:03 78

Recently, Zhang Jike King sweet love affair was fired uproariously, a lot of entertainment recall two people out of the hotel out of pairs of photos, the two have been no positive response. Although the two dodge the fact that netizens broke the news that their microblogs were replaced by lovers, is it in a quiet public relationship?

Recently, King sweet has been busy for 2018 Spring Festival dress rehearsal, when she appeared rehearsal scene, wearing a pure white jacket, ball head debut, netizens said that this jacket is too conspicuous, and Zhang Jike began to link together.

I believe users know that in Guoping internal Zhang Division had and Liu Shiwen is a boyfriend and girlfriend. Zhang Division but now the most popular figures in China, it seems that there is no relationship with Liu Shiwen. In Table Tennis Super League, Liu Shiwen contributed two points to help the team one defending the Table Tennis Championship ahead of schedule, and she also made 28 wins and 2 losses record throughout the season, worthy of the most play table tennis players.

Liu Shiwen 26-year-old this year, when the hit when the year, and once the boyfriend Zhang Division, has gradually fade Guoping main lineup. Zhang Jike and Liu Shiwen have been in love for 6 years, and later due to prepare for the Olympic Games, the two eventually had no choice but to break up. Zhang Division saw Liu Shiwen crazy fan confession after the game, do not know regret?

When these two things have been reported, users may make some comments, some netizens said that they always like Liu Shiwen, Zhang Jike rely on romance access to heat, Liu Shiwen with the results has become the focus, I hope she can Getting better and better. Some netizens said, not optimistic about Zhang's love affair, prior to Kong Linghui is the best example, and the line and cherish it. Part of the blessing Liu Shiwen users, as well as the vast majority of users have said they are not optimistic about the love affair Zhang Jike and King sweet, but all positive that Zhang Division will enter the entertainment industry. How do you think about it?