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28-year-old Tan Song Yun really wear, sweater striped pants pants beauty sky, User: No 18-year-old said

Fashion 2018-02-09 19:51:03 23

Unconsciously, Tan Song Yun has been 28 years old, but fortunately, the years did not give Tan Song Yun doll face that too many traces, is still the super-gas in our hearts, girl, of course, this is also fans love this Girl's sake, always give a person a cute and lovely feeling, the same Tan Song Yun's clothing is also great, take the latest airport show for example.

Recently, Tan Songyun appeared Shanghai Hongqiao Airport street shooting scene, a short hair shoulder to shoulder, especially significant youthful, coupled with that sweet face, light makeup, it can be said that this face is very light to reduce age, minutes The United States was suffocating, more users direct address: You say she is not over 18 years old!

I saw the day of Tan Song Yun strode meteor walking in the airport, wearing a hooded sweater, ride high collar shirt backing, diagonal red bag embellishment, adding a sense of refinement for the entire shape, under a striped pants, foot white Shoes, the whole person looks simple and grounded, both warm and stylish

In fact, Tan Songyun sister height is not tall, short girls can also follow her outfit, which can make her 1 meter 62, wearing a visual sense of 1 m 7, the upper body choose a short paragraph sweater, Pants with pants, even if there is no excessive care fashion machine, still can be significantly thin and tall

We take a look at Tan Song Yun other fashion wear it, you will find that the girl is actually wearing a very simple, but happens to wear a sense of seniority

Always go the route of youthful vitality of her, even in winter, still can be a delicate pig girl, wearing a cotton coat, take a white shirt, the lower body wearing casual pants, leg pants stretch leg lines, with Sneakers on the foot, comfortable and resistant to look, in winter will not seem bloated!

For example, this one, blue sportswear jacket, under the pants, Puma white shoes, a sportswear, uppercase youthful sense of vitality, coupled with baseball cap embellishment, coupled with Tan Song Yun full of vitality that face, Of course, is particularly good-looking, as if across the screen can feel the blow of the girl breath, what is there!