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Lip makeup was obviously white temperament! Why Zhao Liying painted old age?

Fashion 2018-02-09 12:02:57 10

Speaking of stars is really a high-risk job

Whether fat or thin will be used to make an issue

A little bit of shortcomings will be magnified

Niki suddenly thought of English accent before

She works very hard and acting well

And looks beautiful, but often ridiculed by the group

There are still two weeks because of a lipstick video group ridicule Zhao Liying

Niki felt after reading her advertisement

In fact, it is not particularly bad, but the makeup is not right

And this big red lip does not really suit her </ strong>

Eyeliner too dark, so that the eyes look darker

More makeup, plus big red lips

With her own temperament even more inconsistent

When it comes to lips is not only Niki

I believe we have seen many bloggers pushing it

All kinds of blowing lip makeup for everyone

Not only what color coated lips makeup can be white

Like Angelababy, whose skin color is a little dark

Coated with red looking like a little black girl

But she was wearing a red lipstick she looks super-good skin

More than one color white skin color

Huang Tao </ strong> Huang Tao

Nude color makes her look no color

But coated with red lipstick immediately became Royal sister Fan

White for several times

So why Zhao Liying painted red lips so strange? </ strong>

What What kind of person is painted lips looks better? </ strong>

How to properly apply lip makeup? </ strong>


Who is not suitable for applying red lips? </ strong>

facial features </ strong>

When it comes to Ying Bao's facial features, her small round face will immediately be remembered. Not only her face is round, but her eyes are large and round. Although she has 30+ this year, she is still an energetic girl kind.

(Pictures from microblogging @ Zhao Liying studio)

Talking about the same line is the girl's line, but painted red lips is not strange that Niki will think of Zhou Dongyu, and Zhou Dongyu's fashion sense stronger than Zhao Liying.

From the facial lines </ strong>, Zhao Liying's face is more with curves and sleekness </ strong>, her face is round and her eyes are round, so she is more suitable for taking a fresh, sweet, .

Lip will have a kind of mysterious sense of the original, distance sense, so the sweet girl next door with a sense of Zhao Liying does not match, so smear it will feel strange. Instead, light lipstick </ strong> is more suited to her temperament.

Zhou Dongyu's straight line and acute angle </ strong> more, the face is a small V face, his chin is very sharp, and the corners are also slender, side face of view, there is a little star mandible, nose is right angle.

Before in the [your face for makeup or makeup] article said that the facial contours more neat and clean, facial lines sense more, the more concentrated makeup is more suitable, the same red lips are the same.

Fan Bingbing also suitable for red lips, forehead wide, pointed chin, big eyes and long, standard peach eyes, nose and mouth small, a lot of acute angles on his face, looked very delicate. This face will be more suitable for red lips.

Face, the more suitable for the lips if the prominent mandibular angular, more sore face, the more angular </ strong>.

If the face is </ strong> rounded, applying a red lip would be like stealing a mature lipstick from a mother with lipstick.

If weakens the facial mellowness </ strong>, the lip makeup becomes less obtrusive by emphasizing the sense of line and straightness of the face through photographic techniques and revisions.


When it comes to the lips actually Niki immediately remembered is elegant, "red" has almost become her label, painted red lips she looks more attractive and seductive.

She takes the sexy </ strong> line, each time her lips are very beautiful.

In addition to Ya, Xuan Mei is also a representative of the red lips. Both Xuan Mei and Ya Ya take the sexy route, but the beauty of Xuan Mei is not exposed.

Xuanmei sexy more performance in her eyes and dance, in the blessing of the big lips, greatly increased the sexy charm.

The same Ni Ni's lips are also beautiful, from the "Jinling 13 hairpin", she gives a feminine sexy </ strong>. Red lips is also very suitable for her.

There is also a kind of person is also very suitable for the lips is to go Royal Queen Fan </ strong>, such as Carina Lau, her lips more for her Queen's image plus points.

But looks sweet and lovely, facial lines relatively mellow Zhao Liying, painted such a thick make-up lips seem a bit abrupt.


How to apply red lips correctly? </ strong>

Eye with lip

Applying lipstick is very easy to make people facial features, so it is generally painted with a bright red lips, then the eye makeup will be lighter </ strong>.

If the eye makeup and lip makeup are also very strong words, it is easy to appear that people look dirty, it will look very gaudy, and even Fan Bingbing this look is also difficult to hold live.

You can see a lot of actresses who wear red lips, and the average eye makeup is usually lighter, as Niki said before, Eye and lip makeup have a key point in makeup. </ Strong>

The same is Masi pure red lips, left eye makeup light red lips than the right thick red lips look more comfortable.

For example, Ya Ya private photos of the makeup lips will not feel strange, but very obvious, the whole person set off to the very spirit.

So in fact this commercials Zhao Liying will be ridiculed by the group, one of the reasons is that her eye makeup is particularly bad, eye makeup blooming particularly bad, Ying Bao's eyes are all exposed shortcomings, looks dirty eyes Dirty.

In fact, she had painted red lips before, but it would be a lot better than this one because the previous eye makeup was more delicate and looked cleaner. Therefore, the previous red lips did not exaggerate this group ridicule.

Full lips makeup

A few days ago Fan Bingbing made a lipstick-coated video, her lips are painted with lip brush, no wonder so refined.

And after applying lipstick, but also with a layer of paper towel rip off, and then a layer of lipstick lip brush over, this will make the lipstick more lasting, but also with the finger trim the edge.

If the painted lips best is like ice, use lip brush, so painted lipstick color will be more beautiful.

After coating can concealer brush or cotton swab to decorate the edge, so that the edge of the red lips will be more refined, not easy to appear dirty.

Bite lip makeup

We have said above that the red lipstick is suitable for all skin types, and is white, can you go sweetly with the girl can use is red lipstick lipstick </ strong>.

Relative to the full lips makeup, bite lip makeup will be more suitable for looks sweet is not suitable for girls coated with red lips, but also very suitable for daily coating.

Bite the lip makeup will not have the full lips makeup that kind of people feel thousands of miles away, but looks very fresh, the point is, the degree of explicit is the same.

Apply a layer of lipstick on the inside of the lip first and slowly open it with your fingers. ▼

Gently lips first, and then gently dizzy dyed. ▼

With a cotton swab can also be painted the perfect bite lip makeup Oh! ▼

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