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At the beginning thanks to the electrician's words! Kitchen switch socket layout, at least for more than ten years

Household 2018-02-08 18:37:21 9

Kitchen switch socket does not seem very eye-catching, but the socket once installed less, or the location of the socket selected the wrong, do not mention the later use of more trouble. Moreover, with the improvement of living standards, kitchen appliances also will increase, so that many families for the kitchen switch socket how to layout more and more impossible to start today Xiaobian tell you how to layout kitchen switch socket!

1, the general kitchen countertop outlet will choose to install 4, the use of 5 holes with a switch socket for rice cookers, small appliances, a height of 1.25 meters -1.3 meters, but should be careful to avoid the sink and the location around the stove.

2, the location of the hood sockets must be selected first, the general from the ground 2.15 m -2.2 m location. Many families in order to make the kitchen look more neat, will also be placed hoods. If your home is a Chinese hood, the height of the socket is best in the middle of the hood 0.25 meters, to avoid the outlet blocked by the smoke pipe, affecting the use.

3, if your home is like to put the refrigerator in the kitchen, the outlet is best on both sides of the refrigerator from the ground plug 1.3 meters, 0.5 meters lower insertion place. This is because when the refrigerator is in use, when the back is about 0.3 meters, it will emit a lot of heat. The installation of the refrigerator outlet will speed up the aging of the circuit. Besides, many refrigerators have a power line of only 1.2 meters.

4, oven, disinfection cabinet for the convenience of saving space, usually embedded, usually on the cabinet. Socket generally 0.5 meters away from the location, can be installed in the electrical rear, coupled with the switch control style, eliminating the need to pull the plug each time the trouble.

5, the microwave socket is generally set at a distance of about 1.6 meters from the ground, you can hide behind the microwave oven or placed in the cupboard above the cabinet, it will be more beautiful. In addition, because the microwave oven is a high-voltage products, be sure to do a good job of insulation.

6, Kit Po sockets are generally installed at a distance of 0.5 meters away from the tank can be placed adjacent to the cabinet, to avoid water leakage on the water, splashed on the socket.

7, if your home gas stove is charged stove, you can set the socket in the cabinet, 0.5 meters from the ground position.

8, the kitchen circuit wiring is prohibited to go the ground, at least 0.3 meters from the ground, and pay attention to avoid gas pipelines, the distance between the two is greater than 0.2 meters, and other pipe distance greater than 0.1 meters. The layout of the ceiling line should also be suspended and ceiling 0.15 meters above the distance, the use of waterproof sockets.

9, if the kitchen intends to install gas water heater, you can install the outlet 1.8 meters -2.3 meters away from the place about left and right at the gas stove in the middle of the place 0.25 meters, outlet need to consider Rao open smoking channel.

10, cabinet light, cabinet lighting and vegetable lighting area in the installation of the socket, and the switch is flat.

11, the kitchen if you want to install water heaters, ovens and other high-power electrical appliances, to use a separate outlet, do not share a circuit with other appliances, and preferably the use of cross-sectional area of ​​4 mm2 above the wire, so as not to cause too much power Trip home.

12, the kitchen not only for the range hood, refrigerator, rice cooker and other outlets installed, but also according to the location of the console set aside 2-3 outlets for the future to increase the use of kitchen appliances, the outlet is best to choose their own switch of.