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Song Wei Long fame former girlfriend shaping into this way, so he preferred this type of girl

Entertainment 2018-02-08 11:48:04 233

Song Weilong recently gained momentum in the entertainment industry is very fierce ah, because "Feng Qiao Phoenix" hit hit the show, I know he and like more and more of his people, but he is not very good Yan Yan good body is also very good That's hard. Although Song Weilong was born in 1999 and is 18 years old this year, his romance history can be said to be richer. Today we will take a look at a few well-known girlfriends of Weilong.

Song Weilong had a girlfriend called Xun Ziying, born in 2000, when two are small red, often on the microblogging show love, a very large photo. Later, Song Weilong fire more and more people broke up, and even the photos are deleted, as if never know the same. Today Xun Ziying appearance has been greatly changed, it is estimated that the move surgery, more and more red net.

Song Weilong in the first two years took a lot of youth photo and magazine pages, it was at that time and is the same red net silkworm aunt familiar with two small video and photos for the Song Weilong sucked a lot of fans Although Song Weilong never admitted that she was having a romance with her aunt, she was often photographed with a lying silkworm and watched a concert with both of them.

Later, the Song Weilong slowly give up network red identity fought entertainment, and Lin Yun began to cooperate with the TV series, the result of the two together, but also photographed the street kiss, but this love affair in just the time of the exposure is over, It seems that two people are more industrious people, after all, young, there is a good future.

In addition to lying silkworm aunt, Song Weilong two public girlfriend Xun Ziying and Lin Yun height are above 170, it seems that Song Weilong still prefer the face looks cute and pure tall tall beauty, so that he and 183 match, what do you think Song Weilong these three love it?