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People do not pretend to be juvenile, five of the protagonist than the "Emperor Tyrant" but also cattle fork novels

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"Emperor tyrant" dislike pen Xiao Sheng

Thousands of years ago, Li seven nights planted a bamboo. Eight million years ago, Li seven nights to raise a carp. Five million years ago, Li adopted a little girl at seven nights. Today, Li seven nights woke up, Tsui Chuk practitioners into gods, carp turned into a dragon, the little girl became the nine bounds of the female emperor. This is a story of nurture, an undead tribe kid formed a demon god, develop a celestial beast, developed the story of the female empress.

"Different World Medical cents" Author: Bao Han

The strongest comprehension for those who were besieged by thousands of self-cultivation, eventually reincarnation. The other cloud, there is no cure for the disease, as long as you can pay the appropriate price. The immortality that he refined can monopolize the entire Mobei. The lower magic weapon that he refines is even regarded as an artifact. The magician asked him for the magic array, Alchemist asked him refining device, refining pharmacists to ask him alchemy, and even animals, all ask him how to refine into a demon.

"Rebirth of the city Cultivation"

Crossing the dead monk Chen Fan fall in tragedy, but a dream five hundred years back to Earth's young era.

My last visit to the top of the universe, overlooking the world, but no one accompanied. This world is willing to live up to nothing.

Practicing five hundred years of crossing the robbery Cultivation immortal rebirth back to the city, to make up for regret, playing pig eat tiger story.

"Emperor respect" house pig

Martial arts can pass God! Practicing martial arts to the realm of the god wheel, you can refine supernatural powers, extraordinary refined!


As the end of the Middle Ages came, the holocaust came, and Heaven began to judge all evil in the world. The ancient breeze of the legendary supremacy of a generation of the three thousand worlds in Megatron was judged by heaven for one sin. When he resurrected, he began his own costume tour. It can be said that this book lost to Emperor tyrant, only one of the major reasons for the third is the protagonist is not calm, but the protagonist of the loading force for loving the book load of friends, enough.