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Hualien earthquake in Taiwan how the situation of semiconductor companies?

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Located in the Hualien area in the eastern part of Taiwan, a strong earthquake measuring 6.0 on the Richter scale occurred at 11:50 on the night of February 6, with a maximum of 7 in the vicinity of the epicenter. Several buildings collapsed and hundreds of people died as a result of the earthquake in the industry Will affect the semiconductor industry.

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However, the electronics and semiconductor industries in Taiwan are concentrated in the west due to the production and operations of fabs and fabs. The magnitude of the large Taipei area is only 3, and Hsinchu, where TSMC and UMC are located, is only 2 (see below) , Where the fab Taichung, Tainan and other earthquakes is also level 3, the current overall supply chain without any disaster out, including UMC and other manufacturers also openly released the message "reported peace."

International Electronic Business Information is also learned from the supply chain, Winbond Electronics has issued a circular that the earthquake has no effect on its, Winbond's electronics factory in central and western Taiwan, after inspection, said the earthquake on the operation of its factories and supply are not influences.

Winbond Electronics </ em>

According to Taiwan media reported that the production base is located in Hsinchu's global wafer and production base is located in Yunlin's Taishengke also said no effect; TSMC spokesman also said this morning, TSMC headquarters and some factories in northern Hsinchu, TSMC also said the earthquake In addition, the Apple supply chain PCB manufacturer Yaohua Electronics is in Hualien's Yilan Lize plant is ongoing PCB capacity expansion, this morning also reported safe, so that the plant to maintain normal operation, there is no disaster. However, the situation of such enterprises as Nantong, Huayake and panel makers such as AUO in Hualien, which has a factory building, has not been known yet.

According to statistics from Taiwan's official disaster response center up to 11am, the strong earthquake caused four buildings in Hualien to collapse, including the collapse of the 11th floor of the 11th floor, A 12-storey residential block at Cloud Gate Greenway has a serious tilt. There are still some households on the lower floor where they are trapped and dozens are lost - a total of 4 people were killed and over 200 were wounded. Nearly 100 people are still missing, Some local users blackout, no water, there are road and bridge structural deformation and so on.

Observational data from Taiwan's Bureau of Meteorology Seismological Information Center showed that on the 4th of this month, a magnitude 5.8 strong earthquake occurred on the outskirts of Hualien. Afterwards, tens of aftershocks continued to occur and the frequency and intensity gradually slowed down. However, it appeared again midnight on the 5th to the 6th The scale reached 4 or even 5 earthquakes, and finally the 6th night of the 6th of another magnitude main shock. According to experts from the Seismological Information Center, the strong earthquake at night in Hualien on the 6th is another geological formation triggered by the aftershock of "morphological change" after the previous main shock. In this Hualien downtown building, there are 4 buildings located in the Millen fault zone. But whether this series of geological changes will trigger another strong earthquake in recent days? Experts are not afraid to rule out the possibility.

Earthquakes are the frequent natural disasters in Taiwan. The people in Taiwan are almost accustomed to the uncomfortable experiences of earthquakes in their daily lives. However, because of the violent earthquakes that have taken place in the history of Taiwan, Have had the painful experience of personal experience, the local community, whether industry or industry has always attached great importance to the structural safety of buildings, the relevant building laws and regulations are strictly regulated, the semiconductor industry chain plays a key role in the various fabs even more so The production line's seismicity is quite high compared to the rapid strain recovery after the earthquake (according to the EE Times reporter in the United States, TSMC said its Tainan fab line had been able to withstand the scale 7.3 earthquake a few months ago. More relevant information we will continue to report), the supply chain for the semiconductor industry in Taiwan reliability should not need to worry too much about.

This article was written by Judith Cheng, EETTaiwan correspondent for ESM sister media, Aspencore, and declined to reprint. </ em>