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Hydropower supply in Hualien, Taiwan is affected after the earthquake

Social 2018-02-07 10:56:24 63

(Source: Taiwan's "Eastern News cloud")

According to Taiwan's "Eastson News Cloud" reported that after the Hualien earthquake in Taiwan, affecting the local water and electricity supply, Taipower said that as of today (July 7) 9:30, the earthquake caused the Hualien region contains A total of about 1900 households have been affected by power outages and were repaired by the Taiwan Electric Power Company. The number of power outages currently stands at about 153, except for the temporary collapse of 91 collapsed buildings, and the remaining 62 Taipower will continue to repair, try to restore normal power supply.

Taipower pointed out that at present 62 power outages are all located near the buildings that have been collapsed. Therefore, it is trying hard to repair and restore the people without prejudice to relief efforts and take into account the safety and security of colleagues in the emergency repair.

As for water supply, Taishui Company said that as a result of the earthquake, the largest number of water-stop households reached 40,000. After repairs, 4,900 households have been repaired, but there are still 31,500 households waiting to resume water supply. The water-stopping areas are mostly concentrated in Hualien In addition, Shoufeng Yanliao area of ​​Shoufeng also suffered a water supply pipeline rupture, with 100 households waiting to resume water supply. Taishui pointed out that it is now setting up water storage buckets in the affected areas to allow water users to take water. In addition to the water tankers at Hualien district, they are also dispatched from western cities and towns to support water tankers.

Taishui added that at present there is a major pipeline damaged due to the earthquake and the pipeline from Shapo Tze Creek to Shangzhi Water Disaster is being damaged. The repair time is determined by the pipeline excavation and the damaged condition is known. It is estimated that there will be a clearer progress this afternoon. (Finish)

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