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Hangzhou has the most beautiful snow, you can use the phone to shoot the most beautiful snow photos?

Photography 2018-02-06 21:50:58 11

Recently, the whole country has snow flakes everywhere

Beautiful scenery everywhere

Hangzhou, is also a vast one

As a Hangzhou, there will be many friends to ask around, Hangzhou, which time is the most beautiful

Generally I will not suggest that everyone come to Hangzhou in winter,

Cold again, it is bare again

But, however, however

If it is snowing, then, then, that you are beautiful

It is rare in Hangzhou snow season,

Therefore, the snow in Hangzhou is also rare

This time, a rare snowfall, covering Hangzhou.

Rush out quickly, record this rare beauty.

Pictures, all Huawei Mate 10 Pro phone shooting

This cold weather, the phone shot down all day, the battery actually no problem at all

Again, with the continuous development of mobile phone technology, it does make me often too lazy to back the camera.

Should be taken for the phone picture, completely enough, but also more convenient

Mate 10 Pro equipped with a new generation of Leica jointly designed double-lens, the dual-lens combination of black and white lens and color lens combination, respectively, 20 million and 12 million pixels, and provides optical image stabilization OIS function, together with the Leica SUMMILUX-H dual-lens module, dual f / 1.6 large aperture, high-light photos at night to achieve non-overflow, the dark there are levels.

Benefit from the new Kirin 970 and self-developed dual ISP processor, based on artificial intelligence technology, Mate 10 Pro in the shooting process can be intelligently identified including blue sky, flowers, plants, beaches, sunrise / sunset, stage, food, Text, night, snow, cats, dogs, portraits, including 13 kinds of scenes, and adjust parameters to avoid exposure, color cast problems, restore the real scene, to help you shoot a good picture. Through the blessing of AI technology, you can achieve precision virtualization and AI high magnification zoom.

West Lake panorama shot in the Baoji Peak

West Lake scenery taken from the bridge

Broke the snow on the bridge crowd

Filmed at Hangzhou Diaoyutai hotel

Paul's tower in the snow

Hangzhou, remove the vast West Lake scenery

Free to stroll, but also step by step

Shot on agate temple

Shooting at Hefang Street

Shot in Longjing

Green tea garden on weekdays, and now also have some Northland scenery

Filmed in Liuzhuang

Shot in the West Lake State Guesthouse

Night, bustling receding, only quiet and that a pure white

Huawei Mate 10 PRO has a super night view function is very easy to use.

Similar to the long exposure of the camera, you can take long exposures of pictures like night scenes. By increasing the exposure time, get a picture of the United States and the United States.

Pagoda Night View

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