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Son-in-law died, relatives bring their families to occupy his daughter's wedding room, I decided to call the police, never again

Story 2018-02-06 18:00:14 3

My daughter and son-in-law married for more than three years, after marriage they have a child, but the child was just born shortly before the son-in-law did not have time to listen to him and shouted his father. He left us because of a car accident. My daughter is very sad, even thought about going with her husband, but fortunately being stopped by me and her husband, only to retrieve the life.

My husband and I afraid daughter again accident, so after dealing with her son behind, I took my daughter back to her parents. Daughter lived in her parents more than a month later, you want to move back home to live, but I was afraid of her alone touch the scene at home injury, it hardened again she stayed.

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So my daughter lived in me for more than a month, I think her daughter's house has been so empty is not the way, wanted to go back and clean the house, and then let the daughter sell the house, so that after the touch injury, My daughter agreed, so I took her back.

As soon as my daughter and I reached the door of her house, I heard voices inside, and we thought it was too late to open the door. Later heard a burst of laughter came inside, we did not determine is not a thief, so I quickly opened the door to see who.

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When I opened the door, I was scared, and my parents and her eldest son and family came. I asked them how they came. They said that my daughter's house was empty all the time. My son moved to live chanting.

At that time, I told my relatives what I wanted to do to let them move as soon as possible. But when they heard me that I should sell the house, I could be angry and say that the house had their son who had paid and could not sell, . At that time, I was persuaded to say that the house only wrote my daughter's name and no son-in-law name. I also said that at that time, the one hundred thousand pieces that the good-son-in-law paid was a bridewealth, not a mortgage.

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Actually, I know that my relatives knew these things, except that they saw my daughter has been malaise and wanted to play rogue to occupy my daughter's house. I would not allow them to succeed. So I later alerted the police to come and put them Kicked away.

Since this incident, relatives no longer afraid to come to a prank, and later I helped her daughter to sell the house, the daughter of a direct let me pay the son-in-law returned to relatives. I was still not willing, but looking at my daughter's haggard face, I still agreed. I do not understand, I am such a good daughter, how will encounter so many bad things?