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Canon micro single M100 to travel more pleasant

Digital 2018-02-06 14:52:11 6

"There's always one body and soul to be on the road," and occasionally flee from hectic daily routines and venting himself to experience the freedom and customs that should have existed in life. Not necessarily have to be famous mountains, heart like, if the hand of the camera, with the journey recorded on the journey, leisurely recalled memories are also very comfortable. If you do not have a suitable camera, then take a look at the Canon micro single M100 is not for you.

Let's take a look at Canon Micro M100 appearance characteristics. Canon micro-single M100 can be said to be small enough, the volume and the ordinary wallet similar, regardless of size or thickness are controlled at a good level, while the body weight of only 302 grams, the girls took a long time in the hands of the film will not Feeling tired.

Then talk about the appearance. As a Canon anti-anti, Canon Micro M100 in the appearance made a lot of innovation, the overall design of the fuselage more concise, while the top part of the more rounded lines, the overall look more stylish. It is worth mentioning that, Canon micro-single M100 with black, white, gray three color body, and a 5-color shell for matching. Colorful body plus a wealth of accessories, so that the Canon micro single M100 is not only a camera, but also can be used as a promotional temperament portable accessories.

Certainly there is a demand for upload after taking photos, Canon micro-single M100 supports Wi-Fi, NFC and Bluetooth connectivity, you can easily pass the photos on the camera phone, anytime, anywhere can send a circle of friends. The connection procedure is also very simple. When you first use it, you can register the device with the Canon Camera Connect program on your phone and then connect it automatically each time you transfer it. You can also remotely control the camera to shoot with your phone.

You can also use the phone to wirelessly control the camera

Through the Wi-Fi function, you can directly pass the camera's photos into the phone

Before using Canon image upload service, you must first complete the binding of the relevant account

In addition to the interconnection with the phone, the Canon micro-M100 and the previous EOS M6 support Canon image upload function, the camera after the binding account, you can directly upload the photos in the camera to Baidu network disk or directly to Sina Weibo. Imagine you took a photo of the day outside, and then returned to the hotel, with the Canon micro-single M100 connected to Wi-Fi, before the works can be taken directly to the Weibo, it can be said to be super convenient.

After the completion of the binding will see the camera appeared on the Baidu cloud and Sina microblogging icon

At this time, as long as the network environment, you can use the camera to send microblogging friends

Canon micro single M100 in the use of experience left a good impression for the author, not only because of its compact body, comfortable grip, while a reasonable key design, smooth operation and focus, easy sharing is its function Advantages, I personally think that this camera in all aspects of performance are quite good.

Canon micro-single EOS M6, portable and convenient features rich and powerful, suitable for novice to create, easily shoot high-quality photos, 堪称 travel essential single product. Support Wi-Fi, NFC, and Bluetooth and other wireless Internet, to meet the user easily connect to mobile devices, anywhere to share the beauty of the needs of the sun and share more convenient and fast.