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90 hot mom practice a year after birth a good build: waist 65cm, weight 93 pounds, height

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Content from netizens, the article first-person narrative: </ p>

My name is Charlie, it's 90 and my baby is one year old. Last month's body weight was 65cm, weight 93kg, height 165cm. See a lot of mothers are in the post-natal stature and worry, I will share my experiences with postpartum exercise and share:

I was bought a bunch of belly belt, the Japanese dog print, quite expensive, a more than 800 pieces. However, in the month did not adhere to the use, it took more than ten days.

The weight of the month when the month recovered to the prenatal 98 pounds, but wearing 25 yards jeans feel tight. I am frustrated with my mom said, finished, I am now thick waist, ass big, certainly can not recover. </ strong>

My mother looked at me anxiously in that way, and I was too lazy to deal with my expression and said, "Otherwise, why do you think a doctor knows whether a woman's pelvis is better than a child? There must be a change." Really do not think she is comforting me). My waist circumference is 70 when the moon is out, reaching the highest in history.

Two months after giving birth, my mom said, "You can start walking the dog," so I returned to the role of shovel officer during maternity leave.

Three months after giving birth, my mom said, "You can resume running slowly." This proposal we must judge according to their own situation. I personally have been running before the students, insisted for more than three years. If you have never been a hot mom before exercise, must be judged according to their own situation, do not hurt because of an urgent hurl. Fully support the body, in order to better lose weight.

Four months after delivery, my maternity leave is over. My mom said, "You can resume fitness, but it must be modest." So I started working three months a week (two weeks a week) fitness long road. Now baby is about one year old. Not only did I recover from the prenatal figure, but my friends even said that I was leaner than that time.

Hot mom who do not impatient

Before and after production, the maternal reproductive system will be followed by adaptive adjustment, that is, we often say that the natural recovery, therefore, mothers do not have to hurry.

Step 1, try to be breastfeeding, breastfeeding is not only conducive to the mother's uterus recovery, but also help to consume the accumulation of fat in the hip and abdomen during pregnancy reserve; as for the benefits of newborn growth and development, not to mention.

Step 2, and gradually start postpartum exercise, muscle strength training must be active to obtain, cerclage is a passive mode of abdominal muscle remodeling meaningless, but not correct corset, but may affect Pelvic floor function recovery.

Step 3, the final need to scientifically and rationally with the diet, which is an important foundation to maintain a good body.

Depending on the mode of production, decide whether or not it is necessary to use a bellyband.

In the case of cesarean section, the general practitioner will advise the maternal to use the ventral abdomen to get rid of the abdomen as soon as possible, or involve the surgical site when coughing and sneezing, resulting in pain and wound healing.

As for the mother who is abortion, the doctor will not make any special request.

Postpartum wear corset points

For cesarean section: use cerclage under the guidance of a doctor

If the natural delivery: depending on individual wishes and after wearing the feeling may be.

If you really worry about postpartum recovery, you have the option to wear it, but keep in mind the following three questions: </ strong>

1, 8 hours a day to wear appropriate, during sleep and bed time without wearing.

2, should not be too tight tied.

3, should not wear long corset belt.

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