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The Xinjiang girl beauty out of a new realm, low-key debut eight years without sex scandal, no wonder Jiang Chao so love her

Entertainment 2018-02-05 18:44:24 12

Since ancient times, Xinjiang, a beautiful woman, performing arts circle many actresses from Xinjiang are instantly popular, such as Tong Liya, Deerheiba, Gu Luna and others, but this one debut for many years is quite low-key, beautiful and generous appearance People fascinated, high-value face so envy you, she is the actor Medina!

Since her childhood, Madina has always had an outstanding temperament in her performing arts. She was once the "pillar" of the Xinjiang Art Theater Song and Dance Troupe. In 2011, she was unearthed in "Absolute Champagne" in "New My Fair Princess" Princess ", it is also her first work, so that people deeply remember her!

So far, Madina has been debut for eight years, but over the years she has never had sex scandal, silently doing their own actors, but her temperament has gradually been discovered, 30-year-old she came out a new realm, charming Attitude is really breathtaking atmosphere, it is no wonder that even the tide of ginger love her so!

Delina refined facial features called perfect, in the entertainment industry can be regarded as a real beauty it, a pair of grapes of the size of the eye is very charming, long eyelashes flicker, pure natural face is really beautiful out of a new realm In the face of such a beautiful Madina, people have to get enamored!

Madina's temperament can be described as unparalleled, nor like the net red face generally no features, she looks people can deeply remember, it can be said that this value is really not lose the public actress it, so Medina Do you like it?

Blink of an eye on our little fairy has been over 30 years of age, Medina brought us many wonderful video works, her acting career is also gradually rising, I believe she will become more and more excellent in the future , Everyone will see your light!

May the future of Medina will become more and more beautiful, met the best love in the most beautiful age, happy life happy, we look forward to your more exciting performance!

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