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Stimulate eating chicken! "Jedi survival of" the first batch of adaptation models: Hua rice OV star 23 models, apple

Game 2018-02-05 12:25:07 89

January 31, Tencent eat chicken tour "Jedi survival: stimulate the battlefield," opened the closed beta, more realistic battlefield simulation and quality for many players eager. However, a good gaming experience, the performance requirements of the phone is also higher, the official targeted model adaptation is essential, or stuck may want to go die.

In the closed beta at the same time, Tencent officials also released a list of Android system test adapter models, which means that the official version on the line these models can Chang cool chicken.

Adapter models

The current Android technology test adaptation models

  • Huawei + Glory: Mate9 | 10 series, P10 series, glory 9, V9, V10, a total of ten </ p>

  • millet: 6, MIX2, Note3, Three
    </ p> </ li>

  • OPPO: R11 | Plus, R11s | Plus, four </ p> </ li>

  • vivo: Xplay6, X20 | Plus, three </ p> </ li>

  • Samsung: S8 | +, Note8, three </ p> </ li>

    For the first batch of adaptable models, Huawei exclusive ten, accounting for nearly half, massive, sweeping away the weak Unicorn chip Unicom mobile game awareness. However, Huawei's flagship users hailed the same time, Apple users are unhappy:

    Do not know how netizens look? However, I hope that the official version can come before New Year, try the charm of genuine chicken.