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Brilliant GT stunning appearance, sports car style, power from Volvo, or 130,000 from the sale

Car 2017-12-02 17:56:19 3

Throughout the domestic B-class car market, Geely Borui can be regarded as a very bright stars, with the most American-made B-class car's title and super high cost but hard in the B-class car market, a trail of blood to win a number of consumers Love. With the growing of the Geely family, Borui also came to be replaced when. There is news that Geely will soon launch Borui sports version models to enrich the product line, snatch market share. Recently, we learned from the internet that the picture of the new Geely Poly Sport Model, which is named Geely Poly GT, is expected to be available by the end of the year at a price of about 130,000 yuan.

Shape design, Borui GT grille is still using the classic family-style palindrome styling, in the design of the front bumper, Borui GT to create a more radical movement to highlight the coupe's identity. Side of the design, Borui GT and Borui basically the same. Tail design, the change is more obvious. Tail lamp group split design, was a quadrilateral, a rough chrome trim across the rear and connect taillights on both sides, visually very sharp. Exhaust using a single-sided layout of the two sides to further increase the gas field. Body size, Borui GT length and breadth were 4986/1861 / 1513mm, wheelbase is 2870mm.

Interior design, Borui GT color selection pure black line, to create a sporty style. Large-size central control panel and full LCD dashboard, highlighting a certain amount of technology content. Electronic gear and sports steering wheel configuration, to further enhance the interior grade. Observed from the spy photos, the car rear space performance is OK.

Power, Borui GT equipped with a 1.5T engine, the maximum power of 132kW, peak torque of 265N · m. The engine comes from Volvo's hand, will be carried in the collar grams 01, the future will be equipped with Volvo's compact SUV XC40 body.

If the starting price really like maintaining 130,000 yuan, then presumably its listing on the coupe market has brought great impact on the joint venture brand also has a strong threat. Whether from the value of the color, or the engine, the title of the most domestic models plus the engine from Volvo and the domestic top level of training, such a GT models, it can be said is very high cost.

Note: Pictures are from the network, transferred from: talk car workshop