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TFBOYS or will be the third boarded the stage Spring Festival, Lu Han Guan Xiaotong missed 2018

Entertainment 2018-02-04 19:19:31 96

Netflix TFBOYS will sing "Meet 2035" in 2018 CCTV Spring Festival Evening, with the theme of youth and the future. At present, the program has passed the fourth trial of the Spring Festival Gala. Unsurprisingly, Wang Junkai, Wang Yuan, Yi Xuan thousand Xi will be the third consecutive year of CCTV Spring Festival Gala.

Review TFBOYS spring and night stage 2016 "Happy Growth" and 2017 "Beautiful Chinese Year" so that people are full of memories, and now the three small only continue to grow, and gradually get more and more people's recognition. Positive energy full of them become idols in the hearts of people, this time of the Spring Festival Evening users said it is looking forward to TFBOYS. Looking forward to three small once again fit TFBOYS!

It is reported that, due to song and dance programs adjusted by the duration and other factors, Lu Han Guan Xiaotong sure not to appear on the CCTV Spring Festival evening scene. Read the comments of users how popular expectations of the feeling?