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Black beauty Jike Junyi dress more and more bold, it is estimated that in addition to Jolin few few people dare to wear

Fashion 2018-02-04 12:30:42 12

Sweet singing is her hand thorns, sexy is her unique charm, with my own common wear to taste, which is the gorgeous Yi Yi Ke Ji Yi Yi women, a sport on Ji Jun Juan Yi bold dress prompting netizens to shout "Not as good as not wearing" what kind of appearance is it?

No wonder friends call it, this dress at first glance seems casually on the body approved a few pieces of cloth like. Random entanglement entangled in the body, people feel a little scratching their heads, clouds of clothing is difficult to control it.

The lower body is a Tube top cowboy harness clavicle conspicuously show up, the personal idea of ​​the curve outlined, a long denim edging coat slung on the body appears to be casual with the lazy but the sexy perfect show.

Lower body is full of shorts like trousers and skirts like ordinary. The perfect split ends Imagine stretching the ratio of the two legs with the vertical drop will be reduced to the effectiveness of the split, casually tied a waist belt casually with the entire dress match.

The whole set of high overall clothing looks lazy casual wear, but in fact show a perfect body, complex ribbon sandals short and simple lines according to photos, the avant-garde and sexy hair to the extreme.

Scattered line combination is difficult to control the unique temperament with Jike Jun Yi The clothes did not develop to the extreme can not be copied, casual style of inspiration from the bones reveal the cold and sexy perfect blend.

Dressed in silver-red dress retro elegant deep V-neck black gauze to do a slight increase in the sense of mystery slender suspenders lead the sexy. Extremely vertical drape dress showing the ultimate serious, scattered back to the noisy smell.