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I think Yue Yunpeng is probably the only one star who has been detonated or not

Entertainment 2018-02-04 09:44:47 7

Yue Yunpeng, born in 1985, DUNSUN actor, mainland actor, the master is Guo Degang.

We still remember that some time ago Yue Yunpeng was detonated Spice Girls, Yue Yunpeng said: no one believed that I derailed.

Microblogging has more than 300 fans of the Star Treasure is really fiercely grilled a layer of skin, so that everyone has a solid heart.

Two people obviously have different clothes

People obviously do not like two people, a long pants, a shorts good or bad.

In recent years, Yue Yunpeng has brought along with the whole nation how many craze, advancing: "Song of the Five Rings", the people of the whole country will sing the movie "Pancake Man", "Fool around" pass "box office from your world" Yes, the story is great.

The most impressive is "passing by your world"

In this movie, Yue Yunpeng plays the role of a pig, he can be said that the pig is very well delineated, acting broke out.

The pig's head was lately called "the most stupid in the city." In order to earn money to buy a house, tutor, black car, restaurant what he had done. He desperately save money, is hoping to give his girlfriend Swallow the best life, want to buy a house, to Swallow a home.

In particular, the swallow came back to tell him to be off, send the swallow to get in the car.

Pig just started: "Swallow, you have to be good, come on." After the pig, his face is full of tears, running chasing the car, cried cried, "Swallow, you come back ah, come back.

At first, Lei Jiayin sent Yue Yunpeng girl a puzzle more than 30,000 pieces, and now Yue Yunpeng sent Lei Jia Yin Twenty-two meters more than the river map embroidery, the two people's grievances ah.

Xiaobian a silly man