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Tengger to "singer", prairie singer will challenge the international Superstar, users said they are looking forward to

Entertainment 2018-02-03 17:47:48 82

The fourth issue of "singer 2018", Brilliance Yu debut blocked the "knot", the stunning performance for many fans to see the "domestic musicians," the hope. Recently there is news that "Prairie song king" Tengger will join the "singer 2018" as a patch singer.

And in Xi'an 2018 "Silk Road Spring Festival night," the background of the recording process, the reporter deliberately testified to himself on the news, Tengger at first looked a bit hesitant to ask the staff, "This can say?" After a pause a few seconds, Gail gave a positive response, saying: "We are talking about, talking about." When a reporter ridicule asks if he or she can sing "invisible wings" on the "singer," Tengger laughs with a smile: "That should not Will sing again. "

Netizens learned of the news, it is very surprised. "Prairie Singer" has a natural good voice, but not with the "Journey" this international superstar PK on the same stage, do not know whether to "national music" to lay the world?