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These ancient pieces of ancient women are ashamed to see personal belongings: one of them does not even know my father!

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Many small partners want to cross back to ancient times, then the ancient really so good? No car no WIFI, and many dynasties are very conservative Oh, if the female friend to go back, it is estimated will be very suited. In fact, ancient women and modern women, like the same, has its own privacy and secrets, many modern women's supplies can be found in ancient times the prototype, such as the following kind.

First, stomachers

Stomachache in ancient times, also known as "Tube Top", is used to protect the chest and abdomen underwear in traditional costumes, this kind of thing also appeared many times in the film and television series, such as Sun Margin in the Water Margin and Song Po Yang Yan and so on, This is also an indispensable piece of ancient personal necessities, usually placed in a very secluded place, this stomachers usually embroidered with a variety of auspicious patterns, meaning happy happiness.

Second, toilet

Of course, the toilet is the modern name, ancient called "tiger" or "Trojan horse", this kind of thing is generally a large family of women to use, usually on the corner of the female boudoir, for example, this Is the toilet used by the Empress Dowager Cixi, looks very much like the present toilet, it has fragrant wood in the container, and it does not smell a bit when it is in use. At that moment, Cixi's private articles So pay attention, we can see how Empress was so extravagant, and now the toilet was kept in the museum.

Third, the bath

A friend will say, bath what kind of personal items, of course, not in the modern era, but in ancient times it is true that most ancient women still love clean, so often take a bath, when there is no female public bath on the street Therefore, at that time, women all owned a barrel for bath tubs. At that time, there was no plastic. They were all made of wooden barrels placed in the fragrances of women and blocked by screens. Of course, modern women will not use this kind of thing, all kinds of swimming pool, beach, etc., everywhere wearing a swimsuit women.

Fourth, menstrual band

If you go back through the modern women, the most inappropriate estimate is this, the ancient can not have sanitary napkins, when women are using this kind of menstrual belt, this is the most ancient women, the most private personal items, and generally only their own mothers I know, even my father did not know that this thing can not be mass-produced in ancient times, it can only be repeated for many times, with the same as the underwear underwear.

These are the most commonly used ancient women, a few personal items, many ancient ethics have bound women, many of the personal items are ashamed to see people living in modern women should feel happy, at least do not have to spend all day in the boudoir It's What do you say?

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