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Encounter Jin Dong couple to see the drama, East Columbia kindly turn back and fans say hello, User: Wife crazy

Entertainment 2018-02-02 19:32:08 36

Jin Dong in recent years by virtue of "Ode to Joy," "Langya list", "pretender" and "my first half life" fire, 42-year-old he is most attracted to fans of his acting, no frivolous meat, A look is very calm, these small details are Jin Dong learned in the drama, yes, Jin Dong itself is a comedian, recently, starring him and Chen "The Lady on the Sea" is still hot.

Jin Dong's own dialogue drama is extremely interested, not only his acting, but also to learn from, there have been friends even met Jin Dong couple to watch the drama and photographed, fans recognize, Jin Dong kind back Say hello to the fans, smile!

And Jin Dong's wife Li Jia is also surrounded by fanatical fan, in the face of the enthusiasm of fans, Li Jia did not change face, did not show their dissatisfaction, but seemed a bit constrained, has been smiling with fans, the couple Because it is too low-key, it seems that did not bring a lot of security.

Live fans are very sensible, although the mood, but still did not bother Jin Dong couple world, and to see his wife was surrounded by Li Jia, old cadres Jin Dong smiled to his wife field, was a lot of friends jokingly said " Wife crazy "!

However, Jin Dong also really pet mad, Li Jia hand that piece of watch is sent by Jin Dong, the value of 320,000.

If you can not use material to measure the love, that "hand" should be considered right, many couples in the 40s age may have long forgotten the romantic hand, but Jin Dong and Li Jia, whether it is a romantic street walk, or you Filming I flew to see your warmth, the two are always holding hands, wanted a lifetime so white.

Li Jia also sent Jin Dong a camera, that is Jin Dong has saved things, use it to capture the memories belong to them, a second marriage woman, but married the most sincere love, blessing.