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Tan Songyun put on a black skirt, the whole person is not the same!

Entertainment 2017-12-02 16:56:23 45

Speaking of Tan Song Yun, a lot of people her impression is sweet and lovely, like the previous Zhao Liying, she has a 18-year-old face forever. But recently exposed her latest set of photo shoot, see Tan Songyun put on a black skirt, the whole person is different, do you still like it?

Tan Songyun not seen for some time, see the sun out of the photos really surprising, before that sweet and lovely little sister moment a little more sexy. See Tan Song Yun put on such a black skirt, who is a little more light-cooked sense, is no longer the former Meng Meng girl, and instantly mature, it seems people rely on dress up, there is no baby face forever, A little modification is different.

As now seen Tan Song Yun, she does not really the same as before, and gradually have the charm of mature women, especially with her this new short hair, more mature temperament Mature, though not used to watching, But always adapt to the growth of a small sister, after all, everyone has an old day. Think it a little sad ah!

Many people may also be immersed in the pure temperament of Tan Song Yun little sister, in fact, Xiao Bian is also true, suddenly can not adapt. Look at her photos before, really very sweet, as in the above photo, dressed in a striped dress, in the sun against the background, it is particularly beautiful, anyway, the face is not how to play what the foundation, but the overall feeling is nice.

Before Tan Song Yun whether taking pictures of people taking pictures of the street or someone else, she showed only lovely temperament. Like these two photos, she likes to put on a funny expression when she shoots, but she does not have to be concave when she shoots. She smiles very sweetly and smiles, so fans like her.

Before her modeling is a sweet style of activities, like this pink dress is her favorite, wear masculine femininity. With the picture now wearing a black skirt is quite different, but people always become mature, our Tan Song Yun has set sail on the road to maturity, and should go more and more stable.

Become a different Tan Song Yun, do you still love it?