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Ju Jingyi rely on the big actress turned the stage? Soft Meng she turned spokesman too cool!

Entertainment 2018-02-01 19:33:59 18

Recent "Celebration of the Year" role lineup exposure, as a big IP, have to say that casting is still very powerful, so Xiaobian really want to lick the screen!

However, this year is the eldest girl IP drama ah!

Like Zhou Xun's "Yi Yi Chuan", Tang Wei's "Daming Princess", Yang Mi's "soaring".

However, although these actress big reputation, but also embarrassing age, playing teenage girls, even if the good maintenance of good acting, there is no sense of non-violation and flu?

Xiao Bian always felt that what kind of age played what role.

For example, the 90-year RT tournament "Sister San Pillow" cute little nine Feng, Meng bleeding!

There are also the big girl's "cloud Xi Biography" male and female are 90 actors.

The actress Han Yun Xi is played by Ju Jingyi in 94 years, and the teens in her novels play a more fitting role.

The owner is 91 years of small fresh meat Zhang Zhehan played.

Although the drama has not been released yet, judging from the stills, Ju Jingyi is really beautiful.

Wearing plain clothes gentle and soft.

Wearing a red dress and revealing an domineering.

However goose, even if the appearance looks beautiful, or someone Tucao Ju Jingyi can not play their mind Han Yun Xi. Because in the novel, Han Yun Xi is a detoxification expert, not only smart and courageous, can be described as powerful combination with the man.

Such a powerful hostess, take a look at Ju Jing Yi sister that thin body, really makes people wonder if she can prop up.

But Xiaobian feel OK.

Because she has the same hair with the image of the same hostess, the woman is the appearance of waste wood, in fact very smart.

Ju Jing Yi also looks weak, but her character straight temper, is an authentic Sichuan sister ah.

With the popular entertainment now, it is a very true nature.

Everyday weibo often make funny pictures.

Live is also very funny. The last hand tour "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" to explore the live broadcast, from time to time laughed, a "rivers and lakes children, regardless of bar" posture.

Interaction with the host, instantly into the pit of this game, bluntly: still want to come again!

Most importantly, she also boldly endorsed the "Terminator 2: Judgment Day" game.

Soft sister gun moment valiant! Cool and strong!

Although, eat chicken game boys play more, female basin friends can only open their eyes next to the blue basin friends eat chicken and powerless, such as DONG Zi-Jian with a brotherly group to the Internet to open the black, SUN Yi next to a pair of students No loveliness

But Terminator 2: Judgment Day is different, it's friendly to female players and very easy to get started. This is not, have recently introduced the chicken woman day group, not only Ju Jing Yi, Xi Mengyao and other goddesses are playing this game.

So Ju Jingyi little fairy has become a chicken eat a small hand, and now go to the game with a small sister photo:

Take you to her (him) to see flowers:

Is not the beginning to look forward to it?

So wind and rain, North warehouse waiting for you! Come with his beloved!