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Louis Koo "find Qin Ji" as its name, Chen Xiang version accidentally staged through

Entertainment 2018-02-01 16:27:18 16

Louis Koo's "look for the Qin Ke" clear context is running through the back to witness the grand ceremony back to the Qin Dynasty historic moment, this drama as its name is to tell the story of the founding of the Qin Dynasty prosperity. It is worth mentioning that Xiang Shaoling, who played the role of Chen Shao-lung, did not go back to the past with the mission of running through. Instead, he was accidentally brought into the Warring States by a black hole when performing a certain task. Time and space, so it staged the next series of funny crossing the complex.

The talented dramas of the TV series will look very nostalgic. The story of "Looking for the Memory of the Qin Dynasty" written by Louis Koo is very strict, which is why this version will become the classic of the drama.

Remember the beginning of the item Shaolong (Louis Koo) and modern girlfriend played the game, in order to save the love finally could not stop the glasses brother's rhetoric Back in the past to verify the effectiveness of space shuttle, and then rely on shuttle time and space back to his girlfriend complex. The Chen Xiang version of "Looking for the Qin Ji" is because the rescue was black hole gradually inhaling the spacecraft and alone driving the Nebula into the black hole, accidentally staged a through play.

It is worth to say that before that the monkeys have crossed the success, and replaced by the project Shaodong time difference occurred, there is still a long time away from the Qin Huang Junzheng Dengji. Xiang Shaolong so unlucky that they started the next series of exciting looking for protons there to help Zhao Pan become the emperor's great task. There is also a very interesting thing was later met girl Qin Qing, but the woman's appearance actually and modern girlfriend is so similar, so Xiang Shaolong (Louis Koo) in the Warring States started a new life and love.

Louis Koo version of "looking for the Qin Ji," as its name staged to find the protagonists of the Qin Dynasty opened the founding ceremony of the great chapter, Chen Xiang version because it was accidentally crossed, so many scenes look more jest. Such as the beginning of the name of the spacecraft actually driving the same as the nebula, there are then come from the spacecraft with a lot of seasoning and even Jin and others playing in the lake barbecue, saying there is no task in the body Xiang Shaolong (Chen Xiang ornaments) Compared to Louis Koo played less easily item Sharon.