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Travel frog Rare travel photo access method out, User: Buddha Department of the game like

News 2018-02-01 15:45:34 426

Among the traveling frogs, for every "parent" pro, the most hope is that the frog son can bring some beautiful photos back to her home each time she travels. However, most of the frogs failed to fulfill the aspirations of the "parents" adults, and only a few of the frogs brought back some beautiful travel photos.

So, what kind of travel props to prepare for the frog son, frog son to bring back some rare beautiful travel photos? Recently, some netizens on the Internet exposed some of the rare props for travel photos, as long as you give the frog son ready for those travel props, you will have the opportunity to harvest those rare travel photos. Here, aspect Jun on the list a few rare travel photos, as well as the necessary travel props, netizens can demand a try.

The first rare travel photos: frog son is enjoying food with a mouse, you want to have this travel photos, you need to prepare the food road sandwiches, amulets Clover, travel appliances for the cheapest turquoise turban.

Second Rare Travel Photos: Frogs are enjoying nectar with a group of buddies and would like to have this travel photo. All they need is food sandwiches, amulets and the most expensive travel tents.

The third rare travel photos: son of the frog as a witness, watching a butterfly to send flowers to show the love of other flowers, you want to have this full of love travel photos, you need to prepare the props is very Expensive, there are 100 teak elm oil bread, peach lottery drawstring bag, 400 clover hijab, 750 clover senior tents.

From the above three examples of rare travel photos, it seems that all the props that need to be prepared are closely related to the scenery in the photo. So, when we want to have which travel photos, we can travel travel photos with the scenery to match travel props.

However, quite a few "parents" have expressed disapproval after seeing these rare travel photos taken out by users. They sometimes do not have those things ready to be received as rare photos, which is exactly what they are luck. In addition, there are "parents" also said: This is a Buddhism game, everything is easy, no need, too tired. Netizens, do you think?