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Beijing Auto really joking! The new "Beiqi 212" has burst out, a price, everyone can buy

Car 2018-02-01 11:03:46 2

Nowadays, when we buy a car, we are different from the conventional one, which is only satisfied with normal progress. More and more people are beginning to seek commonality vehicles.

As early as 20 years ago, BAIC bj212 can be said to be an unusual common SUV windshield, and straightforward shape, informal planning, even if the air leakage leaking his hobby will not care about him.

However, BAIC announced a bj100 concept car, it broke the plan, is it Beiqi plan from the new clean leather heart a new 212? Robust style of the body line plan, front face huge gigantic air intake very visual impact, 5 mouth-shaped chrome decorative grille, and two identical headlight group blending, feel a little not lose Land Rover and Wrangler, slippery tail part of the plan quite some BMW x6 feel, but he wants to come double masculine.

This car length 4868mm, wheelbase to reach 2900mm, but because of this slipped back plans, it is estimated will be a 5 can be considered a large and medium-sized SUV, open the door of the plan is also conducive to passengers on board.

Energy sector, the adoption of a hybrid energy system, because the Beijing Automobile Co., Ltd. has not promulgated relevant parameters, so there is news in the future, the first time Xiaobian to share with everyone.

If the price and bj212 consistent with the 70,000 His Excellency, then it will be big sale, SUV market is hot, Beiqi if you can speed up new car investment, or there may be strength and the Great Wall auspicious and Baojun and other car prices High or low, but for the sake of their own reasons, missed the best chance, then think about the future, I am afraid it is even harder.

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