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iPhone SE2 concept exposure, full screen small cell phone, it is possible to cancel the iP

Design 2018-02-01 10:41:39 8

The recent bashing is the iPhone X sales lower, Apple may be out of cheap iPhone X news. And at this time, foreign media exposure a series of conceptual maps, people's attention to the iPhone SE. Apple released in March 2016 iPhone SE, the aircraft with excellent performance, the right price quickly hot sales in the world, now two years later, Apple may release the iPhone SE sequel, iPhone SE2.

According to the exposure of the concept map, iPhone SE2 will use the popular full-screen design, and the entire body is the use of iPhone 4 design, double glass and metal frame. Maintaining the small size of the phone at the same time, improve the proportion of the phone screen, one-handed grip feel good, belong to the welfare of small cell phone enthusiasts. In the configuration, the A10 processor will be used, before and after the single camera, 8 million pixels + 13 million pixel combinations, the memory also increased to 64GB accordingly. Lower configuration, bringing the price together, the estimated price of 3,000 yuan to 4,000 yuan, cost is very high.

There are also different sources of information to bring this news, the iPhone SE2 will use the full screen under the premise of the abolition of iPhone X Qi Liu design. If you cancel the ugly bangs, I believe this phone will be very popular, attracted many people's favor!