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Teach you old phone how to 'turning waste into treasure'

Digital 2018-01-31 21:38:31 11

For many people, the rapid replacement of Android phones allows us to experience many excellent features and hardware, but many out of the old device if the bottom of the box is really a waste of time, and friends of the old plot may not want to have once Accompany your own digital equipment sold out.

If the old Android phone is only Caton can also be used, it is recommended that you read the minority column "Let Android phone run faster" These tips may help you to make your phone back to life. If there is a problem with some of the phone's hardware and it's no longer available as a good phone, then the apps I recommend might make them great tools.

Ashford Butler

The Butler from Taiwan is not the loyal uncle in Batman, but it can turn your old phone into a surveillance device.

Now many people home have installed monitoring equipment, but with a high-definition camera phone may be a good alternative. Install the Afa Butler App, the first time you need to open this phone to select the monitor or camera side, use Google account login can be used. Once the old phone is set to Camera, use another phone to install this application or log in to the same Google Account on the web page to view settings.

Camera side can set the dynamic detection, moving objects in the field of view automatically save the video, and you can enable the power saving mode, lock and adjust the black screen. Monitoring can take photos at any time or add a green low-light filter to achieve night vision effect.

The free version of the Butler can only record low-definition video, and contains ads and smaller video storage space. Users with high demand can choose to upgrade $ 29.99 a year of advanced features. Also has a similar function of the Pocket Viewers is also a good choice, but without the use of Google account, more in line with the domestic network situation.

You can download Asphos on Google Play.

AutoBoy car black box

From the name you can see that this is a mobile phone into a tachograph App, thanks to a large number of sensors in the phone, mobile phone environment can get very rich driving data. Authorize the necessary data after entering the App, select the main interface layout to start using, the main interface displays with a tachograph with a screen is very similar to easy to click the big button to make driving safer.

At the same time, the sensor can measure the degree of collision and save the video when the collision occurs in a safe area to prevent overwriting. In the event of a collision, the user can also automatically dial the emergency contact number that he or she has set. In short, this application can make the phone qualified tachograph requirements.

This "black box" can also be connected to a YouTube account to save the video in its own video library over the network, thus ensuring that the App can not record due to lack of capacity, which is not possible with many tachographs. Part of the phone with optical image stabilization and large aperture lens, may be comparable to the professional recorder experience.

You can download AutoBoy on Google Play.


Desktop PC no camera? PC urgent need image input? Old phone has a good camera, why not use it? This app makes the old Android phone avatar the camera of the computer. But only need to install this app on the phone and install the corresponding DroidCam client on the computer. It supports using Wi-Fi, USB and Bluetooth to connect the computer to use, and the corresponding client can be downloaded from the official website of the App.

Here to USB as an example, you first need to click the version number in the "About Phone" 7 times, and then open the USB debugger in the developer options, open the PC client, open the phone DroidCam App, use the data cable to the phone and computer Connected. Switch PC client to the USB tab to use, here to remind the best setting "Limit FPS" is turned off, to prevent the image Caton.

WO Mic

The computer's microphone is broken, want to fix it? Or do I need a wireless microphone for remote recording or voice control of my computer? Maybe this one app will save you money, it can make the old Android phone into a wireless microphone, so you can freely in the computer for voice chat, voice recording and other operations. Like the above camera, after installation, select the way to connect the computer in the settings of the App, and then open the service. Wo Mic also provides USB, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth three ways to connect the computer, covering wired and wireless connection.

The computer also needs to install the PC client and driver provided by Wo Mic. Related software can click here to enter the official website to download and install. Wo Mic provides Win and Linux driver and client, using the method similar to the above DroidCam, easy to use.

DriveDroid (Root required)

Computer system problems, urgent need U disk to reinstall the system, but found enough U disk space? The old Android phone may be able to solve the emergency. Enter the App to grant root privileges, the mirror path to the phone's ISO image file can be.

For Linux installation, the installation disk is already configured, but if you need to install Windows, you also need to create an empty disk image .img </ code>, format and partition it from the command line, Use after loading the file. Some troublesome to operate, but good developers in the App official website released detailed instructions, follow the guide can quickly familiarize themselves with the corresponding operation.

Linux Deploy (Root required)

After reading the minority column "plainly white" column is not an instant raspberry pie grass? Think before you buy that old Android phone pressure bottom, since there are raspberry pie Bluetooth, Wi-Fi have, why not make some changes? Linux Deploy will enable Android to embed "Raspberry Pi" with its own screen.

This open-source App supports the mainstream operating systems such as Debian, Ubuntu, CentOS, and also supports ARM, X86 and other architecture chips, so just configure the appropriate environment as required, the system image can be installed online as A portable Linux computer to use.

App's open source web site also gives detailed installation instructions and guidance, readers in need can follow the instructions. At the same time, the minority section of the paid column "Download science: privacy, stability and speed" also provides a tutorial to build Aria2 Downloader using the old phone, interested readers can understand.

One More Thing

Mobile phone manufacturers to deal with the old Android phones are generally based on the green recycling-based, by giving users recycling subsidies to improve the recovery rate of the old cell phone. However, many old mobile phones are idle because some of the parts are damaged or stalled. If you are unable to use the mobile phone as a key mobile phone and you rely on handset manufacturers' effective support of your own products, Android mobile phones with numerous sensors can also rejuvenate.

The "Upcycling" project launched by the Samsung C-Lab team last year was dedicated to discovering new capabilities on older smartphones. At a developer conference in San Francisco at the time, the team converted these old phones into a variety of interesting tools. For example, the team built a Galaxy tablet into an Ubuntu notebook, monitored the fish tank using a Galaxy S3 phone, and fed the software. The old mobile phone with facial recognition was made into an owl gate monitor by software.

Samsung also launched the corresponding Galaxy Upcycling website, free release of the appropriate operating system and software for different functions. Set up this operating system, will allow users to install anything on the device. It is more depth than Root, because this project has removed the entire Android. The familiarity of handset makers with their handsets is unattainable by any third party, so the revamp from manufacturers can make the old handsets truly use their best.

There are about 400 million handsets abandoned each year in the world, and the harm to the environment is very large if not effectively recycled. Therefore, the idle Android phone transformed into a handy tool, than to put them into a stainless steel pot more meaningful. So please pick up the old Android phone in your hand and let it work once again for our life.