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Wait another hour, super month total eclipse + "blue moon" is coming out

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The evening of January 31, 2018, the sky will be staged a much anticipated full moon eclipse. Astronomy experts mention you: Do not miss, because this is a month total solar eclipse + blue moon + super moon combination debut. By then, the sky will be the first time in 150 years, "super-blue lunar eclipse"! </ strong>

What is total lunar eclipse?

Total lunar eclipse is a lunar eclipse, when the moon, the earth, the sun is completely in a straight line, the entire moon into the shadow of the Earth, the moon's surface dim, the formation of total eclipse.

Total lunar eclipse process is divided into early loss, food is both, eat very, raw light, round five phases.

Early loss: the moon just touched the Earth's Umbra, marking the beginning of the eclipse.

Food is both: the western edge of the moon and the inner edge of the Earth's Unearth inscribed, the moon just all within the Earth's Umbra.

Edible even: the center of the moon and the planet closest to the center of umbra.

Raw light: the eastern edge of the Moon and the East End of the earth within the cut phase, when the total eclipse stage is over.

Reincarnation: the western edge of the moon and the Earth's outer edge of the East phase of the cut, then the whole process of eclipses.

Total eclipse whole process

Why there is "red moon"

"Red Moon" attributed to dark red light, in fact, is the sun shining on the moon. When sunlight travels through the atmosphere on the side of the Earth, it first enters the atmosphere from space and then enters the space again from the atmosphere, resulting in two refractions. The so-called "red moon" refers to the total solar eclipse during the moon, "food from both" to "light" during this period, the moon in our line of sight and will not disappear, but showing a mysterious and elegant Bronze, so people also call it "the red moon." This "red moon" phase will last up to 1 hour and 16 minutes, which gives people a very good chance of enjoying the moon.

This month's total eclipse will be accompanied by "super moon" phenomenon, the so-called "super" is bigger and brighter than the original moon. The average distance between the moon and the earth is about 380,000 kilometers, but the orbit of the moon orbiting the earth is oval. As the moon neared us, the moon we saw was larger, and the moon was smaller when the moon was farther away from us. When Super Moon came out, it was 12% -14% larger and 30% brighter than the apogee's moon. When the total eclipse occurred, the distance between the moon and the earth just exceeded its distance from the earth. It was not much smaller than Super Moon and was also called Super Moon Total Solar Eclipse.

Why is it called "Blue Moon"

The blue moon is not the blue moon. According to reports, "blue moon" refers to "the same month in two consecutive full moon falls on the same month," is the meaning of blue (hard) to see, the last "blue moon" appeared in March 31, 1866, More than 150 years ago.

Total lunar eclipse, blue moon, super moon, these three are not particularly rare in itself, but the "Super Blue Full Moon Eclipse" is the first time in 150 years. So, if the weather is fine then, you must take your family to the outdoors to enjoy this rare visual feast Oh!

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