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If humans disappear in the world, how long will the earth digest the traces of human existence?

Science 2018-01-31 19:47:40 22

If humans disappear in the world, how long will it take to digest traces of human existence? </ strong>

It is not worth mentioning that human beings exist in front of Earth. Even some animals live longer than human beings. However, due to the mankind's transformation of the earth is too much. Even human extinction has caused the earth The damage is also hard to fix. So how long will the earth erase any trace of human beings if human beings disappear?

The explanation given by scientists is 1 billion years. One billion years is a long time for us, but it will be equivalent to 10 years for mankind on Earth!

After the disappearance of mankind, all kinds of artificial factories need to be completely phased out. Without exhaust gas and waste water, air and water resources are getting better and better. Carbon dioxide emissions are reduced. As a result, the oxygen content increases. As a result, the greenhouse effect naturally No more The buildings built by human beings are either swallowed by the earthquakes or are wildly taken up by plants and then decomposed and degraded for hundreds of millions of years, during which time any information of human beings is erased except for some that have become fossilized Outside the object!

Some readers will be weird, why do some fossils exist? This may be a coincidence, for example, the two billion-year-old nuclear reactors discovered by scientists and the trilobite fossils hundreds of millions of years ago are examples of such phenomena. However, it is unknown why they can exist. Is it the intention of the Earth It!

Do not you know how long it takes people to digest human beings inside the earth?