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With the new version of the snow map, "millet shootout" will launch snow guns skin

Game 2018-01-31 18:42:59 7

As February 6 is approaching, the new 8000x8000 snow map, "Arctic Terrain," is about to meet players and will also join the snowstorm weather, giving the player an experience of ice and snow.

In the snow environment, if the firearms are not coated with snow, even in the snowstorm will be conspicuous, in order to better user experience, this time we give priority to bring you the MP5K and SCAR snow camouflage.

MP5K snow camouflage

SCAR snow camouflage

It can be seen that two snow camouflage well integrated into the environment, greatly improving the player's concealment.

Injury performance

MP5K single has 22 damage, headshot can reach 55 points, but the other is not wearing a helmet case, but as a submachine gun, MP5K's performance has been very good.

The assault rifle SCAR direct damage can reach 31 points, without helmet protection, headshot can achieve 77.5 damage, even with the protection of three helmets, SCAR can output 34.8 points of damage.