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Actress Jiao drink accidental falls accidental death, Wu Jing: girls do not enter the entertainment!

Entertainment 2017-12-02 16:52:08 155

Zhao Benshan most beautiful apprentice naked jump to death, the cause of death 懵 circle! Some netizens broke the news that Zhao Benshan apprentice, Song Xiao Bao's younger sister Ren Jiaojue jumped to his death, and naked jump, the netizen also broke the news that she was 2 am with the crew Yang Chuwen back with the room, the body was found 5 o'clock in the morning, Subsequently, Yang Xu suspects due to the case, was taken away by the police investigation.

Yang Xuwen is Huayi high-level touted newcomers, before there are indecent rumors outflow between them. December 1, Ren Jiao Wang Wei, an agent to respond to the media, said Ren Jiao things have been properly handled, an accident, has nothing to do with anyone, thanked the people's police, there is no shady.

Broker: the police identified as Ren Jiao fall death floor accidental drink loss. Agent Wang Wei commissioned by the family made a statement, saying that all the reasons for the death of the Internet pass all the news are false. LOS ANGELES contact Wang Wei, the other said the incident, Ren Jiaozheng with their parents traveling abroad, the police after all possible reasons for the investigation found that the deceased was a temporary loss of alcohol, is an accident.

The results came out friends have published their views on the microblogging above, "nude drinking fell into the grass?" If it is not naked, I still believe this result, after all, I never speculate the heart of the worst malicious .

Ren Jiao's circle of friends and some celebrities also expressed their views on the matter, expressing their condolences to Ren Jiao, but they still could not believe it was true. There are singers even sending messages this afternoon, think This thing is strange, directly that the artists are not mixed. </ strong> The language seems to want to express what it means, but dare not say that.

Suddenly remembered Wu Jing once said something: Girls still do not enter the entertainment! Or the age of flower-like, Ren Jiao left the world so, but also the dead rest, relatives, sad!