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Beautiful "frozen" people do not want to die: Female college students wear short skirts at -40 ℃, cold legs need treatment

News 2018-01-31 17:59:18 8

Women love beautiful, no love, only love! Usually "starving", weight loss, from time to time liposuction breast augmentation, plastic surgery, it is pediatrics.

Recently there is a female college student, actually dressed in order to dress in the cold to wear short skirts, the results of frostbite legs need admission treatment.

A female university student in Kazakhstan was frostbite by wearing a short skirt. Figure: Daily Mail

The "soldier" class female university student is a law student in the University of Istana in Kazakhstan, regardless of the outside temperature of minus 40 degrees, wearing only pantyhose and short skirts, resulting in serious shortness of breath after leaving the door Family emergency sent to the hospital for treatment.

Many girls also have short skirts out in the winter. Figure: Daily Mail

Later, the hospital shares female students frostbite photos, the picture shows the girls earlier mottled purple hair swollen and swelling. Currently girls are receiving one or two frostbite treatment, you can go home and rest, but need to be regularly back to the hospital dressing.

Orange Jun do not understand, big cold, exposed thigh really beautiful? Think think it cold!