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Bpssland joined the world's largest plug-in, Jedi to survive the gods to upgrade the battle

Game 2018-01-31 14:05:30 17

Jedi eat chicken encounter plug so that many players make noise, we all boycott plug-in, Tencent agent that the plug can be banned, but really? Today I heard that the world's largest plug-in company Bpssland also joined the ranks of Jedi survival plug It is estimated that after the battle of survival Jizhen Jizhen, eating chicken all look plug!

Bpssland, the world's largest plug-in company has declared the survival of the Jedi completed the crack, before Bpssland staring at Blizzard's game, but this time for a target on the Jedi survival. Do not know after steam on the Jedi players are not to become scientists to play.

Yesterday, the Internet's largest plug-in group Bpssland announced settled "Jedi survival"

Speaking Bossland, many domestic players may also be a little strange.

But for Blizzard, but they are up to 9 years of rival.

Let Blizzard helpless plug-in group