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Travel Frog Tips Unlimited Clover, Title Get, Food and Destinations and Friends Favorites

News 2018-01-31 13:49:26 366

Recently, "Traveling Frog" is really a fire, and today Dapeng to share with you some of the operating skills on the travel frog, many newbie mom do not know how to raise a frog son, frog frog have their own mother feel Also different.

First, unlimited clover:

Change the phone's system time, the time transferred to three hours later, you can harvest a wave of clover it! This operation can be unlimited repeat! With so much clover, what should I do? This time frog mother can go to the store inside Tuen goods it!

Second, organize luggage:

  • If you have Grapevine in your luggage, your frog will rarely go out and only bring back one photo. If you put a sandwich, then the frog will rush out and bring back one or two photos. </ p> </ li>

  • If you put the pumpkin pie, then the frog will go out and bring back 2 to 3 photos. </ p> </ li>

  • If you put the pie, your baby will be back soon and be able to take one or two photos. </ p> </ li>

  • If you put the wormwood oil bread, then the frog will go to hot places. </ p> </ li>

  • If you put the onion fried bread, then the frog will go to the cold place. </ p> </ li>

    The role of luggage and the table

    1. Luggage put food, amulets, props, did not put on the table. Quack will go out to travel, take away luggage.

    There is nothing in the luggage, nothing on the table. The frog will still travel, but will not be back. Unless you put food in the table (this is why many babies do not come back). </ strong>

    3. There is nothing in the luggage, put food on the table, talisman props. Frogs pick their favorite things from the table and travel.

    4. The frog went back out, the food in the luggage did not diminish. When you give food to the frog, the luggage does not point to the white word below.

    Put things in the luggage and put it on the table. Is not that croaking will take luggage? When you have put things on the luggage and the table, crooked will pick favorite away, so your table will be less stuff.

    Third, the frog children:

    There are snails tortoises and bees coming here to bring them gifts, so they will give your baby son a gift, so be sure to entertain others, if you are entertained, you will get a better return on your food, Click on the animals to feed them.

    Snail snail like to eat these foods, green onions, garlic, peppers, onions ~ ~ feel the taste of snails is so heavy.

    [Turtle] Turtle love to eat tea, hot spring bread

    【Bee】 Bee eat seven-color beans, strawberries, peaches,

    Fourth, the photo location

    Northeast place photo

    Kanto local photo

    Central place photo

    Kyushu local photo

    Five, on the treasures

    Sixth, the method of obtaining some title