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Monster Hunter World Follower Cats how to learn skills follow the full access to cats

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Flash cartridge (Pest cage) </ strong>

Open the free mission to explore the ancient woods, go to 11 and 6 area convergence there is a place to investigate the cat's mural graffiti, climb up to find a cat NPC, big map will have an icon with him to go to his house, you Cat will be able to get in dialogue with him flash flasher (pest cage), and cats later learned to ride on this map fierce dragon, and only after the insect cage equipment is inserted on the ground need to manually trigger the flash Play, 1-4 cats are randomly placed, 5 -9 level you can manually put the cat, 10 you can put their own, not material!

Guardian Shield (Taunt and Block) </ strong>

Open the free mission to explore the big tzu mound, go to the highest point on the 8th area, jumped out of the hole will see a cat NPC, and he spoke a small task, go to the lower left of the 13th area with the capture net arrested three cats, caught back Find a cat NPC can get a large shield, since then cats learn to ride the crowns

Incentive Instruments (Offense Defense) </ strong>

Open the free mission to explore the coral platform, 10 area will meet three riding lizards cats, beat them, guide the worm will take you to a cat NPC, and he spoke to a task, defeating 2 dazzling birds, finished Get back to be inspired instruments, since then cats learn to ride a cat dragon

Punch Knife (steal monster material) </ strong>

Open the free mission to explore belching the valley, the need for raw meat, in the No. 13 area and other claws dragons dragged Dragons dragged over the body, ninja cats NPC will appear, followed him, go to the 15th he would hide hole, With raw meat on the ground, ninja cats will come out, the dialogue can be a predatory knife, the role is to steal material, since then cats learn to ride a fierce dragon

Kettle bomb (bomb) </ strong>

The first to complete the task of finding ten odd-face languages, and then take over the task, in the evening to Dragon Crystal District 8 deepest (recommended with stealth clothes), where there is an odd-face camp, take advantage of Odd-odd family dances into the deepest niche camp of the odd-family camp. After the plot, they can get the odd-bomb kettle bomb, and follow the cat to get the ability to ride the assault dragon. Since then, cats have learned to ride the assault dragon

2nd cat! </ strong>

Talk to your fellow cats on the map by exchanging trade union cards with the same person

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