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Clover enough? "Traveling Frog" a trick "unlimited brush"

Game 2018-01-31 11:06:59 143

Japanese hand-travel "travel frog" (brigade frog) burst red, set off a wave of "national frog" boom, many owners in order to let a little frog a better life, send more postcards back Home, often trying to harvest clover (game currency), now players find new loopholes, the use of iPhone harvest clover, press the Home button to enter the Siri screen, and then back to the game screen will find the money increased, but the clover Not unplugged, allowing players to "harvest an unlimited number of times," quickly become a large division manager!

Recently, a picture of "Flying a Moth Crawling in a Frog" was circulated by microblogging. It was rumored that the 3,000-dollar lucky bell, the $ 1500 lantern, the $ 750 senior tent, ", Many users envy the photos, have pursued rapid promotion of monetary means.

Some netizens found "travel frog" loopholes in the Apple phone, hold the Home button before clicking on the clover, quick harvest before entering siri picture, back to the main screen of the courtyard will find that the upper left corner of the currency has increased, and clover does not So was removed. (Photo / photo by Du Youyou)

To this end, there is a mainland netizen found loopholes in the game, the premise is to use the Apple mobile phone (iPhone), hold down the Home button before clicking on the clover, siri picture before entering the quick harvest, back to the main screen will find the courtyard top left corner currency The number has increased, and the clover has not been plucked, that is, you can "unlimited" repeat the action for harvest, brush soft, no longer wait three hours for the clover to reborn.

After the news came out, the Internet quickly set off a heated debate. Many players started to see their eyes lit up. "The actual test is really effective, but the time is long enough for a clover." "It does work, but sometimes it increases the amount Number, but sometimes failed "," very magical, but it is too much trouble! "," Set to 3,000 home keys are rotten "; also caused the Samsung player wail" Android is the same as the edge, "" to Is Android a little better? "