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Why did not Zhang Jiahui disclose the relationship with Jacky Cheung? Jacky Cheung responded?

Entertainment 2017-12-02 16:16:23 165

In fact, Zhang Jiahui since its entry, often asked people and Jacky Cheung is not a brotherhood, because they look too much like! Previously, Zhang Jiahui also joked in an interview that he and Jacky Cheung are separated for many years, brothers, previously not open relationship, because I do not want to rely on my brother! After this exposure, but also shocked a large number of users.

How are you serious? Haha, how can it be! In fact, they have been talked about more than once by the outside world because of similar appearances. Zhang Jiahui starring "temporary cohabitation", as the king of Jacky Cheung to film guests, only to let the mainland media attention and its protagonist Zhang Jiahui's "brotherhood." However, "kiss big brother" is a fake, two people for many years indeed good friends, private relations is good enough to "brother" commensurate, Zhang Jiahui dare to open such a joke. The deceive all users, not only did not get angry fans also get users alike, said: "Good actor movie actor!"

Jacky Cheung also ridiculed on this matter: "I checked the family tree friends, maybe hundreds of years ago, we really are a family, so the president will be so like, that is half-brother Hello, both of us a very good relationship "Jacky Cheung participated in the film" Equator "conference, was again asked and Zhang Jiahui in the end what is the relationship, Jacky Cheung responded:" Zhang Jiahui is not my brother so hard to clarify. "

In fact, as early as the 90's, Jacky Cheung and Zhang Jiahui were often regarded as brothers by the outside world. Even the two parties themselves were "stupidly divided up." Sometimes, seeing each other's photos appeared in newspapers, they mistook themselves. After the two met, in order to explore the mystery of life experience, went so far as to really go to the hospital to test DNA. As looks like, the two became good friends, and even Chow Yun Fat said the two often leave aside their own wife, go to dinner together.

Although this does not have a blood relationship with the "Zhang Brothers," the friendship between them is profound enough that life can be like a friend!