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Turkey dispatched hundreds of armored vehicles to attack the Syrian army and the Russian fighters made an air strike signal to open the Syrian army

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Turkey has won a great victory in the Aflin area in the past 24 hours and has controlled a large number of strategic fortifications in three directions: east, west and north. The most important of these are the highlands and hills, which are conducive to the safety of Turkish Army tank armored vehicles and to the operation of low-mid-air support. In addition, as part of the "Olive Branch" operation, the Turkish air force also carried out violent air strikes against four key target areas of the Kurdish Armed Forces (YPG, SDF) in the northern part of Iraq (the Turkish border). Outcomes include key objectives such as ammunition depots, oil depots and strength buildups. </ span>

Turkish helicopters provided the maximum support for occupying the fortress of Afin Highlands

However, the Turkish forces (including Syrian FSA armed) ground forces to combat the focus of Afin. Military observers say Turkey's primary goal is to completely rid Yarkand outposts in the Aflin area. Before the "Olive Branch Campaign" began, the Turkish authorities solemnly stated that if terrorists (Afrin's Kurdish forces) did not surrender, they would all have to be exterminated. The confidence is that the Avlin area is a enclave that can not be effectively supported externally.

The tactical aim of the Turkish air strikes in the Manbi quarter area is to prevent the Cuban arms from Manibi to move closer to Avlin. The second step towards targeting Manitoba on the ground and taking over the reservoir area to the west of the Euphrates River. Since the 20-day military operation began 10 days ago, most of the Aflin area remains under control of the Kurds. However, the situation has seen a great change. In an effort to resist the Turkish coalition offensive, the Autonomous Obalinivuwu government made a public statement of its sovereign rights and demanded that the Syrian government provide assistance.

Why did Turkey's friendly forces wear gas masks in the battle against Afin?

It is clear to Turkey that once the Syrian army sends troops to take over the Avlin area in its entirety, Turkey has been busy for the past 10 days. As can be seen from the map of the region, the southeastern part of the control zone of Afringinluk and the Syrian government forces in Aleppo took their defense. This passage is also a gap that Turkey and the friendly forces of FSA can not close. If the Syrian army intends to divert water, then the Syrian eastern reservoir weapons and personnel support will be able to come continuously. So far, the Syrian army has not shown any move to take over Avlin.

Turkey "Sneak Attacked" Syrian Army Frontline Position in Northeast of Idlib

But what is the real idea of ​​the Syrian army, or what opportunities are you waiting for? Turkey can not effectively analyze and confirm. Fortunately, the Syrian army is busy fighting in the east of Idlib. As part of the "Allied" Turkish Forces (FSA) that helped "assault" the Syrian army by the HTS al Qaeda troops were evacuated to Afrin, the Syrian military's main military force in Abu Dhabi's military has been correspondingly alleviated and the airport of Duhursat And Du Huer town. However, to test the merits and developments of the Syrian army, Turkey "sneak in" sent an armored unit from the country's Hatta governorate into northern Syria and took its position near the Qamari Syrian army front in Aleppo governorate.

Figure 29 Turkish military operations on the Sultan Idlib line and the exchange of fire (red box office)

Lebanese media reported that Turkey has about 100 armored vehicles, including at least 15 tanks. On the evening of the 29th, the entire Turkish army flew off the lights during the move to avoid being spotted. But its pioneer armored reconnaissance squad was spotted a kilometer closer to the front of the Syrian al-Eis. Russian air warplanes sent a warning of air strikes against the Turkish army, while the Syrian army at the defensive al-Eis front fired directly (no casualty report). The army was forced to evacuate quickly. The "sneak attack" failed. Russian television station RT reported that on January 28, Turkish President Erdogan said Turkish troops might launch an attack in the northern province of Idlib after they occupied the Avlin area.