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Another shadow after pregnancy, fat photo a full circle, User: Looks like 34 months!

Entertainment 2018-01-30 19:44:57 8

Zhou Xun's nickname in the circle called "Zhou Gongzi," her feelings have not stabilized in the past, and finally came out and St. Sheng Yuan romance, the two later was also into a positive fruition entered the marriage hall.

They never had children after marriage, but expressed their thoughts about having children before the media. Zhou Xun and Gao Shengyuan's marriage is very low key, but the fans also hold different views on this marriage, the two are typical "strong women and men weak," said impartially, the cause of Zhou Xun is better than Sheng Sheng Yuan, so Marriage is often a big fuss about the media.

Not long ago, there are still a few sources said that they seem to have divorced, specifically why do not know. After the two came out to clarify it will be gone. Speaking of children's problems, Xiaobian remember when Zhou Xun also went to Venus's "Venus show", specially sat the red sofa, it seems the son of Zhou is also eager to find it.

Just a while ago, Hong Kong media reported that she was suspected of pregnancy, the two were photographed in Hong Kong, the two did not come out to respond.

Recently, Zhou Xun to the Mainland to attend the event, still wearing a skirt in the cold winter, but under the lens looks fast but Zhou Zhou Xun full circle, not only with double chin, it seems lower abdomen slightly convex, looked rounded a lot.

Photo came out, netizens have explode the pot, the photo of the week son full of pregnancy, ah, looked like it had been three or four months of pregnancy.

Coupled with the Hong Kong media before the report, if this thing is true, according to the time count, Zhou Gongzi born is a dog year baby. Fans are looking forward to it.

Zhou Xun in the entertainment so many years, is not easy, looking for so many years, and finally able to have a rest for the rest of the people, no matter who is good or who is bad, can be together is the fate, no matter How, two people together happiness on it. Finally, blessing Zhou Xun, I hope she can give birth to their first baby in the dog Oh!